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    Yam on the Madar Screen: C's 2020 pick #47 in Tel-Aviv

    Good time for my first post in years... If you are bored this afternoon, you can check out Yam Madar and the Israeli NT playing Spain NT in the Eurobasket Qualifiers right now. Israel Stream Here (it may be delayed) Box Score Here No NBA or Euroleague players are playing, so no real names you...
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    The Durant Sweepstakes

    If he's telling the teams it's bound to leak before anything on the Player's Tribune, no?
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    Euro Quarterfinals Game Thread

    All four Premier League players missed their kicks
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    Euro Quarterfinals Game Thread

    Ramsey has been pretty great in the last few games
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    Euro 16 gamethread

    This is pretty insane, still one day to go but it seems like one of Belgium/Portugal/Croatia/Poland/Switzerland/Wales is guaranteed a place in the finals. Meanwhile, the Euro Champs Spain have to play Italy, then Germany and host France just to MAKE the finals. And with the draw last night...
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    Your preferred Celtic target at #3

    Being a big Maccabi fan, I've watched Bender a lot this season and small parts of last season (in the Israeli 2nd league). Some background first: Maccabi is going through its worst season in over 20 years, possibly all-time. There was a very early exit from the Euroleague, followed by poor...
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    The Dubs 2015-16: chasing history

    Well, they won there in Game 2 of the 2013 playoff series, so this is regular-season only.
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    Cavs fire David Blatt

    Nitpick, but it was a tie game and LeBron hit a 20 footer. Agree with your point, though. Agree with most of the points in this thread, Blatt was hired to be the coach on an up-and-coming team, not a championship contender from day one. I think he did a fine job but in the end if he didn't...
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    Are the 2015-2016 Celtics better or worse than the 2014-2015 Celtics?

    I was thinking the same thing. I'll add that it seems Zeller has been almost taken out of the rotation as a result and I believe he fits better as a 4th big after Johnson, Olynyk and Sullinger who have all been playing very well. His length on defense and finishing around the rim adds more than...
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    Formula One

    Very interesting race today.