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    2019 Pats: WR "Bust a Move" Sanu Watch

    Bill's next move - trades Michael Bennett for a 3 that ends up being within ten slots of the 2 he just traded away.
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    2018 Bengals: All Mediocre Things Must Come to an End

    Rudy -- I had this exact conversation with a friend of mine who's a Bengal fan. She shared the same sentiment, but didn't realize Katie's been involved with the Bengals since 1991. I'm always amazed at how loyal the fans here are. They deserve new ownership.
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    2018 Bengals: All Mediocre Things Must Come to an End

    Having lived in Cincinnati for almost 20 years now -- this is so comical it makes perfect sense. IMHO the Bengals are truly doomed until the Brown family decides to sell and that may not happen for a long time.
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    2018 Patriots: All-Purpose Roster Discussions Thread

    Gilleslee? Cut by Saints and only 2 RBs on roster.
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    2018 Patriots: Injury Watch

    I fixed that for you** ** assuming Sony still can't go
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    2018 NFL Transactions & News

    Teddy Bridgewater traded to Saints . . .
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    2018 NFL Transactions & News

    Beat me to it by seconds . . .
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    2018 NFL Transactions & News

    Aaron Rodgers now highest paid player in the NFL . . .
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    Malcolm Mitchell released

    The scenario you describe is much more likely/possible with Matthew's or Britt.
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    Could we be in for a Record Season?

    Don't post often, but I guess this means Rick Porcello is going 33-0 this season.
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    This Year's ESPN Hit Piece

    Watched it this morning -- looked normal. Watched it again -- still looks normal.
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    Gilette/Patriot Place advice?

    Tough to get a room at or near Patriot Place. Surprisingly there were rooms available at the Renaissance for Saturday and Sunday night. Unfortunately 500 for Saturday and 1000 for Sunday and you'd have to pre-pay. Try staying in Boston for the weekend and take the train to the stadium. The...
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    2018 AFCCG: Jags v. Pats (Non-Brady Edition)

    Go Jags, but short of that I hope they beat the piss out of the Steelers. Either way I will be there next week!
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    SoSH NFL Playoff Predictions 2018

    Wild Card AFC KC over Tennessee Buffalo over Jacksonville Division Round KC over Pittsburgh NE over Buffalo AFCCG NE over KC Wild Card NFC LA Rams over Atlanta New Orleans over Carolina Division Round New Orleans over Philadelphia Minnesota over LA Rams NFC Championship Minnesota...