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    The Last Dance

    MJ must have been referring to the actual '94 and'95 playoff Bulls. There's no way he concedes that the Rockets would have beaten any of the 6 Championship teams.
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    RIP Don Larsen

    Dave Roberts
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    Everton 2019/20: Guess Who’s Back

    I am more optimistic for the long term than the short term because the real test will be whether they will be able to keep Kean, Richarlison, Pickford and other young players when the bigger teams think they’re ready for poaching. The new ownership and stadium must create enough enthusiasm (and...
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    Levy's Lament: The 2019 Summer Transfer Window Thread

    I'm OK with the 3rd and 4th options at CB being the young guys, Holgate and Gibson. I'd rather see what we have with them than overpay ManU to bring in a replacement level at best retread.
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    Levy's Lament: The 2019 Summer Transfer Window Thread

    Interesting. Maybe we're underrating Iwobi based on what we read in the Arsenal thread.
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    Levy's Lament: The 2019 Summer Transfer Window Thread

    Iwobi would sit next to Walcott. They're just taking up roster spots that should go to younger guys with potential.
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    The Alex Cora Difference

    Use of EdRo for only one batter is biggest question mark to me. If EdRo was not used for one batter, he could have been in reserve as Game 5 starter, making it easier to use Price in 9th. Alternatively, he might have given them an inning or two last night. Now both EdRo and Price used a lot of...
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    SoSH Fantasy EPL 2018-19

    I picked Tosun over Hazard as an Everton fanboy. Still optimistic that it may work out.
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    Tipping Comp?

    I'm in. Valuable advice from Cellar-Door.
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    Everton 2017-18 Post-mortem: Eight(h) is Enough

    Same old Everton. The latest example of a team not being anywhere as bad as they look when they're losing, but nowhere near a Top 6 team after one home victory over a prime relegation candidate. Everton is not going to be in a relegation battle, but they're not going to compete for a European...
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    Everton 2017-18 Post-mortem: Eight(h) is Enough

    Great business done so far. Seems like the team is pretty well set, with opportunities available for the young guys to show their stuff with the heavy fixture list. Maybe now the play is to push to re-sign Lukaku since the club has shown its ambition. Read that Costa is under contract with...
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    SOSH EPL 2017-18: Dukes of Hazard

    In as Koemanager. Been slowly climbing up the table, but it's tough to break into European League places.
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    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    I'm in this boat too. Will gladly pay up to remain a part of this amazing group. Regrettably, I didn't pay up in the past only because I couldn't figure out how to, and didn't make it a high enough priority.