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    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    I really appreciate you guys taking the extra time to do some in depth analysis of the games, especially for those of us who hav a hard time catching the games live.
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    1/10 - Heat @ Celtics

    Can someone explain to me how COVID protocols are anything but binary? How are some listed as Questionable (Brown, Ojelye, Green) and others listed as Doubtful (Tatum) then others are listed as Out (TT, GW, RW)?
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    Celtics Sign Tacko Fall

    Has there been any word about the timeline for The returns of TT, RW and/or GW, any of whom will eat into Tacko’s minutes?
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    2020 Pats: The Gunner Watch

    It actually surprised me that they didn't find a way to get Gunner on the field for some bubble screens or jet sweeps.
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    2020 NFL: In-season News and Transactions

    Maybe this should go in the "If you were in charge of the Pats" thread, but how much would you be willing to give up for Watson?
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    1/8 - Wizards @ Celtics

    So 30 minutes for Theis, 5 for Tacko, and then the rest with Marcus playing the 5?
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    Payton Pritchard drafted #26 overall

    Kevin McHale and John Havlicek say hello.
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    2021 Pats: Looking Ahead to 2021 – Roster Planning

    I think the other factor for BB is that I think he rates players based on more global comparisons than simply "best player available still on the board." This is why he will trade down so often. If he gets to 15 and doesn't see anyone who he thinks is a 15, he'll trade down. OTOH, if he sees...
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    Payton Pritchard drafted #26 overall

    That seems to be the challenge -- across sports -- for rookies: can they adjust to the league after the league adjusts to them?
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    2021 Pats: Looking Ahead to 2021 – Roster Planning

    Pricing middle of the first round seems to yield one of two options: Take the 3rd or 4th best at position like QB, DE, or OT; Take the best at a position like LB or OG or TE.
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    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    Hah! I literally typed half of Semi's line as point #4, and then deleted it, thinking that each element was eclipsed GWill's almost identical (but better) line.
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    Payton Pritchard drafted #26 overall

    I love the idea of PP cementing a role as starter, as a true facilitating PG who has some long-range 3P gravity. This also opens the possibility of Kemba coming off the bench in a new-age Microwave role, where he can be a PG whose primary role is scoring. This also inherently protects Kemba on...
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    Analysis of Celtics Games (2020-2021)

    What was the most surprising individual element of lat night's game: PP's 23/8? GWill's 14 pts on 5/9, 3/4 shooting? RWill's 15 boards? And which is the most sustainable? And which is the most hopeful?
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    Pats QB options in 2021

    This is a bit of a follow up on my earlier question. In this example, the Eagles aren’t “eating” any money in terms of new cash outlay, right? The pain comes in the form of accelerating what would be pro-rated/amortized signing bonuses that have already been paid into one lump sum today. Right?