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    SOSH Running Dogs

    Running dogs still kicking? I was active on dailymile a while back, and eventually stopped updating my runs there and I never even knew it went away until recently. Just joined the Strava SoSH group (Jeff S.) and I'm working on manually inserting my runs since I started back up again this past...
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    2/3 @ Flyers

    So Pasta scores on this powerplay, right? Edit: I'll take the assist!
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    iPhone 12

    Currently using an iPhone 7 but I'm considering moving up to the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro. The mini would be smaller than my 7 and I'm pretty comfortable with that size so I'm hoping a slight increase in size won't bother me too much.
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    10/5–Pats at Chiefs

    Held 'em to a FG. I'll take it.
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    July/August game thread

    Fox Sports has a virtual crowd for today's Cubs game. Can be seen in the clip below. View:
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    2019-2020 Bruins

    I think they went with narrower seats to be able to add 1-2 per row in some spots. The new seats, also from what I've read, seem to be a bit more "reclined" which reduces the leg room in the row behind.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    now get out of here without any new injuries.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    and to follow up, confirming the apparent leg wound: translated: The wound @davidortiz was on one leg and one of the responsible was arrested. The former baseball was taken out of the place in a unit of @Sistema911_RD
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ Blues

    they call it tonight...
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    Game 3 - Bruins @ Blues

    These refs are going to see someone get hurt tonight if they don’t start calling penalties on just the player that initiates the confrontation. If I’m Chara, my message to the refs would be “I’ll get my 2 minutes worth later in the game.”
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    Game 2 - Bruins v. Blues

    The ice was significantly slanted for the last 50-55 minutes of this one.
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ CBJ

    open the floodgates!
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    Game 6 - Bruins @ CBJ

    of course they overturned that. To me it looked like he reset himself facing the corner and then made the push across the crease in an attempt to stop the shot. I'm not sure what else they would have wanted to see for Bobrovsky to be reset besides him getting up and moving back to the middle of...
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    Game 4 - Bruins @ CBJ

    It'd be nice if we could make them pay more than once for all these penalties they're taking.