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    Happy John Henry Day

    I was working in a bookstore in downtown Boston in January that year and had a group of very well dressed men show up at closing time. I recognized John Henry and kept register open after we closed the doors. It was JH, Lucchino, Werner, a guy I don't remember and a security guy. They headed to...
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    Midweek EPL Fixtures - Not so fast, Man United…

    Leeds looking pretty lost out there. MC almost scoring at will. 7-0 at the 80 min mark.
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    Matchweek 15

    Speaking of kits, Norwich had the electric pink top/shorts/socks going on. I could close my eyes and see glowing after images on the inside of my eyelids. That outfit has to be worth -1 goals per game, right?
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    Matchweek 14

    Just looked at the table, only the top 4 teams have a positive goal differential. 27,21,31,8. Crazy.
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    All Reguilon had to do was redirect Kane's cross as he didn't need to put anything on it. Other than Son and Kane is their anyone who can score for Spurs? Dele?
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    2021/2022 Champions League: Not the Super League

    I wonder in the scoring situations does everyone else seem to slow down for Ronaldo. He just seems to take exactly the right amount of time to place the ball into the right spot.
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    2021/2022 Champions League: Not the Super League

    And... in 91st minute guess who slips in an equalizer. That will teach me to count the frowns before they appear.
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    2021/2022 Champions League: Not the Super League

    Atalanta holding onto a 2-1 lead . Can't wait for the Ronaldo frown face.
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    Matchday 10

    Both taking the slow them down, knock them down approach to the game. There have been as many players on the ground as an American football game. And Leeds score
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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    And Pepi with a reach back header
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    9/19 Pats at Jets: Mac and Zach attack

    That's why I noted on 5 pages(now 6) on their game thread. 5 years ago it was 125-150 pages. The disinterest in the team is pervasive.
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    9/19 Pats at Jets: Mac and Zach attack

    Gang Green only has 5 pages in their game thread: "This is the type of game that makes you feel like we're about 5 good drafts from being a contender." "Who is that guy throwing passes for the Jets? He looks lost. " "seeing ghosts 2.0..
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    Footy broadcasting - What do we have?

    Paramount + listed the Honduras/US game but it was not shown here on the west coast. The only broadcast was Telemundo in standard definition. If you see Paramount listed don't assume it is actually going to show in your area of the US. I took a look at the usual channels that would carry the...
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Did he go to the Ah Shucks school of public speaking taught by Peyton Manning? Also, was that really Fireman Ed?
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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    I have Paramount + but the game does not show up as available tonight. The only listing is for a standard def showing on Telemundo. Do they have a reverse SAP button?