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    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

    The Padres have actually been showing an MLB The Show game every Friday evening on Twitch and Youtube (and maybe others) called live by Don and Mud, and it's been great, under the circumstances. On one hand, they're doing a real game call (remotely from their homes, of course)--on the other...
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    2020 Quarantine Photo Thread

    A guy in the row behind me quietly observed "Monster would've loved that." Nice job adding to the photo!
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    Pedroia has "significant setback with his left knee"

    From Pedroia's book Born to Play: My Life in the Game
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    Yusniel Padron-Artiles

    I'm pretty comfortable with the jersey evidence.
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    Yusniel Padron-Artiles

    Last part of last name is Artiles (one l). He does use both.
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    Jerry Garcia Day at Fenway

    To be clear, this is a giveaway you only get if you purchase a special ticket. Jerry Day ticket link
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    Fan Safety

    The only thing I assumed is that you were referring to the Korean superstition of fan death, which I used as an opportunity to note that even people who believe in fan death think netting is a good idea. I have zero idea what you think about netting. Or death by electric fan.
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    Fan Safety

    Yeah, but even they have extended netting in all their baseball stadiums. And actually the KBO netting, by virtue of being so high, seems pretty unobtrusive--the support cables are well out of the way, and it's usually the cables that I find distracting at Fenway. It's hard to be a minor league...
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    Derby anyone?

    I think this is the root of it--while this would almost certainly be called in a Thursday afternoon maiden claiming race, the tendency of the biggest races has been to leave the standings alone, whether that's fair or not. For me it brings to mind Bayern taking out Shared Belief and a few others...
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    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    FWIW when I called to cancel Comcast/Xfinity (Greater Boston area) that was also the number they quoted me for internet only. I set a cancellation date and they sent me an email asking me to call a different number to discuss other options. That was the actual retention department, and they went...
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    AUCTION ITEM: Manny will do your voice mail message

    Is a "Blame It on the Rain" reference permissible? Singing welcomed but not required...
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    AUCTION ITEM: Autographed Picture of Manny Delcarmen's Cat

    $100 But I think we need to hear more about the second cat.
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    Fan Killed after being struck in head by foul ball at dodger stadium this season

    I've been hit while shooting at both third base (Portland) and first base (back field at JetBlue) and completely agree with the above. In Portland I literally couldn't move--backed into a corner--but my brain essentially just processed "not going to hit my face, not going to hit the camera"...
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    AUCTION ITEM: Autographed Picture of Manny Delcarmen's Cat

    I'll start this off with $50.
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    Cubs Hire Craig Breslow As Director Of Strategic Initiatives For Baseball Operations

    Actually, I think the article quote from the Cubs release is reasonably specific: So in the first part, bridge that gap between understanding modern stats and convincing the players to buy in (as both a brainiac and a veteran former player), and in the second, the Bannister-esque...