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    Happy Truck Day

    This expresses how I feel perfectly. I LOVE baseball and this season, more than almost any other, I NEED baseball. 8 days until pitchers and catchers!
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    Who should start for this team in 2021?

    Apropos of nothing.....Musgrove's nephew plays with my son on his 14U team. Good family.
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    Manfred: 16-team postseason likely to stay as “an overwhelming majority” of owners endorsed the concept before COVID

    Maybe I'm somber as well but this rings true to me. I've got 2 boys and one is really into baseball. Been playing since he was 4 (now 14), travel team kid, pitcher/outfielder, talks the game, has read some books like Jackie Robinson biography.The kid loves baseball and will watch...a little. I...
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    How much have you watched so far?

    It's baseball...after a good long stretch without it. Of course I'm watching just as much as previous years. Just not as invested in W/L...I love that my soundtrack to summer has returned. This years team goals are 1) get to 1SEP for a reset; 2) Get a high draft pick.
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    Yeah the 420 characters threw me as well. Thanks for the replies. Def will take advantage of CS...

    Yeah the 420 characters threw me as well. Thanks for the replies. Def will take advantage of CS views. Prolly will pass on the guided tours though now curious what they have outside of the 1 I mentioned and the 10K one you did.
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    HWSC, Been awhile but we are headed back in August. Any insight regarding a couple things? 1)...

    HWSC, Been awhile but we are headed back in August. Any insight regarding a couple things? 1) Staying at Coronado Springs for the first time. Looks like a perfect place fort us be wondering if you have any tips I should know. 2) What's the deal with Disney VIP guides? Worth the $2000 or so...
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    How about that? Sox are Champs for the fourth time this century

    THESE are the good ol' days.
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    Red Sox Hire Chaim Bloom As Chief Baseball Officer

    NM. Shoulda refreshed before posting.
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    15 Years

    My feeling, and the statement I made to many, after the humiliating loss in game 3 was "It's not supposed to happen this way. Not THIS year." It just felt so surreal to be losing like that after all year really deep down feeling like this was finally the year (not that I ever said that to...
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    15 Years

    15 years and I still get dust in my eyes every time I see him called safe. Sometimes I still can't believe it actually happened. Don't ever tell me that fortunes can't turn on a dime. I've seen it with my own eyes...for an entire franchise.
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    Pedro on the '99 ALDS: 'I've never been in more pain'

    This game was one of those otherworldly experiences you occasionally get from sporting events. I remember at one point looking at the scoreboard and thinking "Damn, he hasn't even given up a hit". I sound old saying this but I tell my kids all the time that they missed the best pitcher to ever...
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    Thank you, Dave Dombrowski

    Three straight division titles (never before done) and an absolutely enjoyable and dominate 2018. Plus he got Sale, who my youngest has adopted as his fav player. I hope I’m never so jaded as to believe that record is anything less than a success. Thanks Dave!
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    “Dear Brock”: Those that were touched by Holt’s generosity at the Jimmy fund send their thanks in a heartwarming video

    That’s awesome. Very very dusty in here. This is bigger than baseball. I hope BH is a Red Sox for life.
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    Jim Bouton dead at 80

    I actually got to meet him later in life when he was working on preserving Wahconah Park in Pittsfield MA (my hometown). This was right around the time he wrote Foul Ball so I got him to sign mine. He was a bulldog but I found him intelligent and kind, RIP Jim. You changed baseball for the...
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    Teaching A Kid To Throw And Catch From Scratch - help?

    Yes. It is more for pitching. As for his throwing in general it depends on what you are trying to improve. We practiuce 2 different ways to throw. One for infield (get over the ball quickly, bring it up to your ear and throw to the base) and one for outfield (stretch the arm out longer pointing...