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    Jaguars fire Urban Meyer

    On the #FireBaalke front, this is superb work View:
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    Julio Lugo has passed away

    Oh God, that's terrible.
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    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    View: Left-hander Eduardo Rodriguez and the Detroit Tigers are in agreement on a five-year deal with between $77 million and $80 million, sources tell ESPN.
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    ReVax! Aaron Rodgers caught the Covid!

    This didn't get the love it deserved. Bravo.
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    Derrick Henry out for the season

    There's no way they'll lean on McNichols, he's purely in on passing plays. We'll need to get someone in before the trade deadline closes this week. They've got Darrynton Evans who was a third round pick last year, who would have played more this year, but he's been injured himself and landed...
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    The Athletic sells to the New York Times

    Does anyone have a guest pass to The Athletic they could throw my way please?
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    License and Registration: La Liga 2021-2022

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    Pay That Mendes His Money: The Summer 2021 Transfer Thread

    On this point, it's absolutely crazy in Serie A. It is something like 18 of the 20 teams will be changing their manager for next season.
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    NFL FA Frenzy Game Thread

    That comment came after a rough stretch for Agholor. He'd dropped a game tying TD two weeks before (against the Pats) and then had a drop and a fumble the next game against the Lions.
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    Wrexham takeover--Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

    If you're an actual supporter of your local club, especially someone who attends games on a regular basis, then there'd be no conflict when playing a big team. In my experience, most kids in school supported a Prem team when we were younger, but if they then started supporting the local team as...
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    Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    Shane Bowen, the Titans OLB coach, missed the game just gone against the Vikings as he tested positive on Saturday. I'd assume this is continued fallout from him.
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    Tour de France

    No, certainty not to that extent. I could see Pog beating Roglic in the TT, but I never would have believed he could take that much time out of him. I'm stunned by everything about today. The fact Pog actually won the stage by 1'21 is incredible too. Remarkable day.
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    Ryan Brasier retweets video mocking Jacob Blake response

    He may have deleted the RT, but it's still under his twitter likes.
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    Messi on the move?

    Inter have got a new billionaire owner, so that would be one reason. The Messi's also have Italian passports and have just purchased property in Milan as well (the father I think). That could be linked to a new Italian tax that encourages Italians to come back home having moved abroad.