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    BA Top 100 List Is Out...

    I guess that depends on your definition of lesser, which is why I threw Gallo's name into the post.
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    BA Top 100 List Is Out...

    Also, ceiling doesn't mean likely.
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    BA Top 100 List Is Out...

    With Dalbec it basically comes down to the strikeout rate. If he can get down into the high 20's, his power will play and he's got a future as a big leaguer. He hasn't had a full season where he's been healthy, though, so no way to know if he can do that. 37.4% last year is really ugly...
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    MLB trying to exempt minor leaguers from labor laws

    This isn't new, FWIW:
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    Dammit, Blacken. You beat me to it.

    Dammit, Blacken. You beat me to it.
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    Could Eric Hosmer "break out" as a power hitter?

    Interesting piece from Fangraphs about Hosmer's power potential with some quotes from an interview he did with Travis Sawchick. On launch angle: He's not an analytics guy, so I'm not sure how much patience he'll have with trying out tweaks to his swing. But he's got the potential to be a...
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    Pitching Depth

    Apparently my internet hiccuped. Twice.
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    Pitching Depth

    Apparently my internet hiccuped pretty badly and I saw three copies of this post, edited two down, and then the third vanished. So apologies for not quoting you properly. Anyway... If they drop 10 spots they won't be in the first round anymore. And your dismissal of the value of losing that...
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    Best Sox "Prime" team

    I'm actually really intrigued by the 2007 Sox. Going by ERA+ and OPS+ and using the starting lineups as they appear on b-ref: C: Tek - 122 1B: Youk - 146 2B: Pedroia - 131 3B: Lowell - 128 SS: Lugo - 106 LF: Manny - 186 CF: Coco - 117 RF: JD Drew - 157 DH: Papi - 171 SP: Beckett - 149...
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    JD's Swing Mechanic Adjustments

    Sorry, wasn't trying to. Just seemed an odd place for it. Was going to suggest a new thread, actually as I do agree it's an interesting topic. Edit: To clarify, JDM led the league in FB% at last year, which is measured as launch angles between 26 and 39 degrees (I removed hitters...
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    Pitching Depth

    On top of what Red said, it's also 500k in IFA money which is capped now and it would drop their top pick 10 spots which further lowers their bonus pool for signing picks.
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    JD's Swing Mechanic Adjustments

    I don't understand why this discussion is happening in this thread. Martinez has been a pretty extreme flyball hitter since reinventing himself four offseasons ago and it obviously works for him. And there are no indications that he's going to make any changes to his swing since joining the Red Sox.
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    Pitching Depth

    It's an up and coming team that will be in the WC picture if Arrieta is healthy and is really well poised to land a big name or two next winter.
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    MLB 2017 Offseason signings news/rumors

    I didn't say say otherwise.