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    Yankees must win for Red Sox to get passion again!

    That was how this thread started. This is how its going:
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    Yankees must win for Red Sox to get passion again!

    I know its been said before but +1 on this. Sigworthy. Thanks.
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    James White announces his retirement

    What a warrior. Thanks for everything Sweet Feet.
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    Rob Gronkowski retires (for the second time)

    +100, These retirement announcements that stiff the Patriots are also getting old.
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    NFL: News and transactions

    Some of the Jags catchphrases seemed to come from the TV show The Good Place, where the only Jags fan in the universe was stuck in purgatory. I think he shouted "Duval" a lot.
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    Happy Birthday, Yaz!

    Beautiful post and amazing artwork as well TAMR. You capture so well the power of Yaz for those of us who came late to the party and missed his Glory days.
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    Happy Birthday, Yaz!

    HBD Captain Carl! I switched to Lefty and had the bat way above my ears to emulate #8s late career stance in my 5th grade Little league.
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    Poll: Cam, Mac, Brian or?

    I 100% agree that Belichick never cares about the optics of anything, more about preservation of a long term asset. Maybe it comes down to the convenience of the quarter pole (4/17ths this year) when he typically changes gears a bit.
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    Poll: Cam, Mac, Brian or?

    I agree with this reading of Belichick's probably philosophy.I think the first quarter of the season has been treated as an extended preseason since the last CBA and its limitations on contact have been in place. I also think Belichick would not want Mac starting against TB 12 in week 4...
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    Pats Preseason: QB Edition

    Chiming in late about what a great post this is. I think this kind of constant nonsense pushback is at least a contributing factor to the embittering process that turns a Shaughnessy into a Shank. If everyone constantly accuses you of having a hidden agenda maybe it’s actually easier to have one.
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    Trade deadline

    +1, Theo was great and all but this fixation on certain guys was extremely detrimental to his $100 million player development machine. Perhaps Youk at 1st would have prolonged his prime also. And if IIRC Beltre wanted to stay after 2010.
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    NHL Expansion Draft (July 21)

    Yikes that video is cringeworthy. I am here for a couple of weeks with family and I concur on the Kraken gear everywhere.
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    All-Potential and All-Disappointment Teams

    Also Eric Wedge, Gammo definitely was pumping him up as Fisk 2.0
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    Pats QB Options

    Miami was sitting pretty at #12 after the trade with SF with a significant haul. They then immediately gave some of that back to Philly to get back up to #6. If they were now considering trading back out someone must be offering them a premium or they are incredibly indecisive. It is mind...
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    Thank you, Julian Edelman

    Thanks Jules for coming up biggest when it mattered most.