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    Brady/Manning XVII

    Not really because the moment you stop using it you're quickly back to square one. The oxygen just isn't accessible to the lungs because of the pressure.
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    Brady/Manning XVII

    No it affects both. The anaerobic is that oxygen depleted state which pools lactic acid. It's just, with the distance they're sprinting vs the rest they're getting, it doesn't really make a tangible difference. Does that make sense? Doing 200s all out with 30 seconds rest? Now, that'll put you...
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    Brady/Manning XVII

    Aerobic endurance is defined in the situation we're talking about as being under the lactate threshold. They don't run long enough to have their legs fill with lactic acid faster than they get rid of it. They're getting tired of course. And will even be breathing harder. But with the rest in...
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    Brady/Manning XVII

    5200 feet doesn't even give a noticeable increase in RBC, even after a month. You increase in hematocrit, but that's mostly due to plasma levels and dehydration. Total hemoglobin mass doesn't start producing until about 7000 feet give or take. The current research suggests going in 10 days...
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    The Gronk Injury Thread: Crisis Avoided (Bone Bruise - Week to Week)

    Got a bone bruise on my lateral femoral condyle a few years back. Hurt like hell. I'm a distance runner and couldn't run or walk. Got checked out by same guys that deal with the Colts in Indianapolis. They put a 1/4 inch medial wedge in the heel of my shoe and BAM. Pain free. Are we assuming...
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    The Nation's Tears: Pink Stripes

    I think it speaks volumes that you never see any Seahawks fan with a Reebok branded jersey. Ever. I was at the Nike employee store on Friday and you wouldn't believe the amount of uppity people buying Seahawks gear. The person at the register said it had been like that all week. Or, everyone is...
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    BbtL/Patriots Nation Super Bowl Roll Call

    Another Portland, OR. Turned down a super bowl party with several other people. No Seahawks fans even. One Packers fan who is rooting for the pats. Got another invite for a "non threatening" get together. Turned down that too. I'm at home with wife and son. Gonna get pizza too. I think I had...
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    SoSH iPhone and Android Apps

    Thanks for the update Nip!
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    Brady/Manning XV: AFC Championship Game

      I'm a professional distance runner. It's my job to know :) Spent nearly 6 months training at varying altitudes (4500-10,500ft) last year and have an altitude OBSESSED coach. He knows everything.
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    Brady/Manning XV: AFC Championship Game

    This is true. Went to a wedding there last year, turned into a very early shit show. Alcohol metabolizes in the body the exact same way at sea level as it does at 5000ft or 12000ft. It *may* contribute to increased feelings of altitude sickness which at 5000ft most people will ever feel...
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    Divisional Weekend Gamethread

    Screw it. I want Denver. 
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    Divisional Weekend Gamethread

    At least San Diego can take solace in the fact that they've only given up 17 points to the greatest offense OF ALL TIME.
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    Heyman: Ellsbury to sign seven-year deal with Yankees

    Same for me. I'm ok with it though. Anyone else get completely weirded out by the flowers given to his wife in complete silence?
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    4G Android phone megathread

    Not the one I used for the toro version. Kept rebooting a lot.