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    2022 PGA Tour

    You can say it 8 billion and one times, because this is an additional ~$100 million that Jay admitted in his press conference that will partially come from reserves, and partially he’s hoping to pull from as-yet-TBD partners. The complaint of certain players, e.g., Phil, has been that the PGA...
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    CFB Week 13: Rivalry Week

    Wow, Auburn converted with the game on the line. If only they had the chance to win this by doing that.
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    Diary of a commentator

    @Conigliaro's Potential, I thought of you immediately today while listening to the Vikings-Cardinals game as I was driving from Duluth to Minneapolis. Paul Allen, the uber-homer Vikings broadcaster calling the would-be game-winning field goal score screamed at full volume “It’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!”...
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    2021 Solheim Cup - Inverness Club - Toledo, OH

    According to the available data, it’s actually a crap ton of forward thinking men, and a significantly smaller crap ton of women. The LPGA audience, is, like the PGA audience, about 2/3 men. For whatever reasons, the female population at large isn’t as interested in pro golf as men are. I am a...
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    Super Benintendi

    Circling back, he’s 9-19 (47%) since this post.
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    Diary of a commentator

    It was not. It was invented initially as a kind of baseball that could be played indoors, and was first played by men. Fastpitch has been played by men and women since it was developed. I don’t know where you live, but in parts of the country (including New England) men’s fast pitch softball...
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    NCAA 2021 Pool

    He deleted that post in the past few days, which is kind of funny.
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    NCAA 2021 Pool

    I would lean toward 1,2,4,8,16,32. I think the scoring should still be slightly weighted toward picking the Final Four through champ over upsets. Especially since this pool is big enough, and will always have a good number of people picking chalk, that will never be enough on its own. You’ll...
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    NCAA 2021 Pool

    Shoulda gone to UCLA. (I hope there’s a huge UCLA alum group out there using this system. Probably still anybody’s ballgame.)
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    NCAA 2021 Pool

    Seems like the problem (assuming it’s a problem that the winner [and second place] of the pool has been decided when there are still three of the six rounds left in the tourney) is using BOTH the seed multiplier AND the Fibonacci scoring system. Obviously if point values still doubled each...
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    NCAA 2021 Pool

    So, people who picked Oregon are currently getting 14 points. The game was a no contest, of course; sportsbook bets on the game were cancelled as no action, and I believe all the major bracket contest sites likewise are giving no points for the Oregon/VCU game. I’m guessing your program awarded...
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    NCAA 2021 Pool

    I think you forgot to include the pay structure again. Still five places? Percentages?
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    2021 PGA Tour

    It's worth noting that Bryson was #4 on tour in sand save percentage last year, and including the past two years has saved 60%; tour average is just under 50%. So doesn't seem like his shafts or hands are hurting him too much.
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    2020 US Open

    Maybe it shouldn’t matter, but it does to the USGA. The current minimum for US Open and US Am qualifying courses is 6,800 yards for par 70, and 7,000 for par 72. That leaves out, for example, Pasatiempo, which tips out at 6,500. Which is a shame, and means its last qualifier for the Open was...
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    Let's talk about this ballclub.

    Sure, but we've seen this movie a thousand times. I think we can all acknowledge that JBJ is capable of ripping off a couple of stretches each year where he's a menace at the plate. But we should have seen enough to know what he's likely to deliver over the course of a season at the plate, which...