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    2020 Pats: Welcome to Camelot - NE Signs Cam Newton

    Thrilled with this, been a Cam Newton fan for a long time and the worst that happens is he gets cut. Hopefully this signals Hoyer not starting the bulk of the games at least.
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    Where do the Warriors Rank?

    The Russell led Celtics and Jordan’s Bulls are ahead of them imo, but I really think the ‘17 Warriors have a legitimate claim to being the best team ever. 16-1 including 15 consecutive wins with multiple HOF players in their prime while beating a Cleveland team that was as good or better than...
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    Commentator evaluation: Mike Breen

    Breen is often good locally on the Knicks broadcast but is consistently grating on ESPN/ABC telecasts. He gets cast as a LeBron suck up and I think he’s deserved that, he makes the most of dealing with JVH/Jackson who are unbearable. He could be better but he’s fine most of the time.
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    Commentator evaluation: Joe Tessitore

    I gave Tessitore a 3.5 solely because I watch more college football than pro football and Tessitore’s excitability worked better there and I thought it made the game better. I like announcers to sound like they’re enjoying the sport they’re announcing but with that said Tessitore has been brutal...
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    NBA 2019-2020 Bold Predictions

    De’Aaron Fox finishes top 10 in MVP voting, a top 3 seed loses in the first round of the playoffs
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    B/R's Top 50 NBA Players of All-Time

    Making Kobe zealots mad is always good, but 14 is a pretty accurate appraisal of his career imo. This list is not as bad as I thought it would be, although I would switch Bird and Shaq and make Hakeem tenth.
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    SB Nation Celtics Blog on former Celtics to add to the current team

    I would love to see a team with Kevin Garnett and Marcus Smart on it