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    JD: In or Out?

    Wow, I hadn't considered the QO... that definitely makes things a little tougher for him... but I guess the timing and the CBA will play into it. I still think he opts out.
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    JD: In or Out?

    I selected opt-out because why not try to get 2-3 years at age 34 instead of 1-2 years at 35? I can very well see Tampa going hard after him.
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    When Do You Want to See Chris Sale Pitch Again?

    I think you continue to roll him out unless there is an injury or risk of injury. Back him up with Houck or Pivetta and roll on. This offense is gonna make it tough on every pitcher regardless.
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    Poll: Pick your preferred post-season path to posterity. Pain or Pleasure?

    Give me the White Sox and the Giants please. Ok, I'll take the Astros and Braves too. I could do the White Sox and Brewers. Or the Astros and Dodgers. Ok, I guess I'm just happy to be included. But, seriously, love to see the Sox play at the Giants.
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    Rays Offseason 2021-2022

    Agree, the Cruz move was solid. They needed some veteran leadership on that team. The Rays will be back, but it does make you wonder if the complete disregard for starting pitching caught up with them. Trading away Hill middle of the year seemed strange at the time to me. Running out all...