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    Week 9 Game Thread

    Yeah, looked like he was full of indecision there. Had a lot of time, until he didn’t. Great play by Sargent again.
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    Week 9 Game Thread

    Sargent with a very nice assist. He’s been generating pressure all half. Impressive first half showing from Bremen.
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    Remote Access

    We use Splashtop and it works well for our purposes (Litigation law firm). It was recommended from our IT, and I am presently using it from my COVID-hell home office.
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    Beer Leagues, Gear, and other Non-Pro Related Items

    I stopped skating my morning skate once NH required tests to be able to participate. Within a week of my retirement for 2020, there was a COVID outbreak so I am glad I stayed away.
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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    They deleted that tweet. Here is the lineup: View:
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    Offseason Game Thread

    I like it. The 80s bear lives!
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    Chelsea 20-21: Plastic Fans and Shiny New Toys

    In some good news, Lampard said Pulisic's injury was minor, and he is already back training with the team.
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    Americans Abroad, 2020-21: The Kids Are Alright

    McKenzie has a nice assist in Juventus’ first goal today. Could have probably finished himself but took the sure goal with the pass.
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    Chelsea 20-21: Plastic Fans and Shiny New Toys

    Yeah, he didn’t get benched, but this is more concerning. Hamstring injury where he felt a “sensation” and is getting scans today or tomorrow I think. He could be out a few weeks again. Very frustrating, both as someone who follows Americans abroad, and for Chelsea in general. I was really...
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    October NHL news

    This is who he is, and it's been known for a long time. He was a great skater, and one of the best of all time. That doesn't make him a good person.
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    2020/21 UEFA Champions League: The Road to Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

    Reyna is starting. Adams back on the bench after being out with a back injury.
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    Bruins Offseason Roster Thread

    With Dadonov off the board for a mere $5m, I am beginning to wonder whether Cam’s protest that they aren’t restricted under the cap isn’t bullshit. Otherwise, WTF are they doing?
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    Bruins Offseason Roster Thread

    I have heard this as well from a sales guy I skated with that works for the Kings (the timing of the season, and a shortened schedule). I have been told they will wait as they want fans, so we shall see. They may be waiting a looong time.
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    Bruins Offseason Roster Thread

    Is there any confirmation this was the highest one year offer for Hall? If so, I find that a little weird, but he must really believe the offers will be better next year. Seems hopeful to me when you choose Buffalo, and the strangeness of this year, but hey maybe this is 3D chess on his part.