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    Americans Abroad, 2020-21: The Kids Are Alright

    It can’t help him, especially when he’s struggling with form and can barely be a sub for Chelsea right now.
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    Bruins @ Rags

    Let’s not give up 5 unanswered goals again, eh?
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    2/25 - Bruins at Isles

    March 22 at12% capacity.
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    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    So, basically like 2,000 people right? I can’t wait to wear my dad’s Kelly Green jersey to a game again. Not sure I will go, but I’ve been staring at that thing for over a year wanting to wear it to a game in his honor, and maybe I will be able to do that this year.
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    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    I have no issue with them doing it. I just don't believe they will get it done. Happy to be wrong.
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    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    Because nothing like it has been approved in MA. You may want it to happen, but I don't see them actually permitting it in MA.
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    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    I am very much skeptical this will happen.
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    Americans Abroad, 2020-21: The Kids Are Alright

    Tuchel basically said Pulisic deserves to play, but he just didn't fit on Monday. Chelsea looks much better, and with Abraham injured, I suspect Pulisic will get some more run. As with Rayne and Musah, these guys are really young, and we have to be somewhat careful about overreacting to dips in...
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    2/5 @ Flyers

    They are still too reliant on special teams, and 5x5 they could get better, but their defense seems better 5x5 and they seem less prone to getting hemmed into their zone for large stretches. I think the answer is still no (Tampa was a juggernaut), but if they are healthy this year they have as...
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    Americans Abroad, 2020-21: The Kids Are Alright

    A bit late, but Sargent continues to do well in the German Cup, adding a nice assist to the clinching second goal earlier this week. Timothy Weah also got the start for Ligue 1 leaders, Lille, and scored an easy tap in goal to continue his run of good play yesterday.
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    Bruins 2021 Season Thread

    It's pretty clear Bjork will be sitting, but isn't a better question what to do with DeBrusk? Ritchie has been playing well with Krejci and Studnicka, so he shouldn't go back there. With Frederic looking great with COyle and Smith, do you break that up to shoehorn DeBrusk in? If not, he's on the...
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    1/14 - Bruins vs Devils

    @TFP ummmmm.....
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    SoSH Fantasy Hockey - 2021

    Please PM me if you need my VenMo or PayPal information for this. I will post it on the league page on yahoo as well. Thanks to all who are playing and good luck on the year.