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    10/11 - ALDS vs Tampa. Game 4.

    this kid came to mind
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    CFB 2021 Week 6: (P)U Game

    Iowa’s MVP is the punter
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    2021 Ryder Cup- Whistling Straits

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    Golf equipment, WITB

    Had the same Cobras (picked up a used set at a garage sale for $75 one day) and then switched to the RBZs a few years ago (still use them)
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    Golf equipment, WITB

    Taylor Made Sim Driver 10* (Reg Shaft) Aeroburner 15* 3W Aeroburner 19* 3H Taylor Made RBZ Irons 4-PW Wilson 52* Gap Wedge Dunlop Copper InserTouch Blade putter
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    2021 Golf Thread

    Recommend me some courses to look at down in Myrtle Beach area. Heading down for our family vacay the middle of July. Looking to keep it under $100. Played a course called Prestwick when we were down there a couple years ago.
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    Super Wildcard Weekend Gamethread

    Wilson landed right on his ribs on the takedown.
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    2020 NFL: Wk.14 Game Thread

    That last play cost my son a fantasy playoff win against his cousin. His cousin has Balt. D Score. 232-237 before the play. Fumble +2 and a Safety +3 ties it up. Unreal!!!!
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    2020 NFL: Wk.11 Game Thread

    Thanks for that... I just picked him up and put him in the TE spot on my fantasy team.
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    2020 NFL: Wk.11 Game Thread

    Dunlap had a great game!!
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    2020 NFL: Wk.11 Game Thread

    This has OT written all over it. unfortunately
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    Most exciting plays in Red Sox history (for the Casual Fan)

    Against the Yankees and in the post season...