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    Cleveland Indians ready to discuss changing team name

    I would just like to point out that while I'm not Native American, I think that the Tomahawk Chop is extremely offensive and it's shocking to me that it still happens (and is encouraged by the team) at Chiefs, Seminoles and Braves games. There might be a way to keep the names and have it honor...
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    Bezos buys naming rights for Seattle arena (Climate Pledge Arena)

    That's great, but there won't be light rail to the arena until 2035 and there's thousands of parking spots in garages around. That's the case with any arena and this one is better than most, but it's a huge blind spot for "climate awareness". Bezos would do better for the climate by hiring...
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    What Info Do You Wish You Could Get Out of Belichick?

    I always thought the no-huddle was used because they had Gronk and Hernandez who could both block and catch at a high level, so they had options every play for either running or passing. Once Hernandez was gone, if you're going to have to sub out to get a better package on the field to either...
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    What Info Do You Wish You Could Get Out of Belichick?

    I missed this, could you expand? Most things have been covered but I would ask how hurt Brady was in SB 42. For most of the draft questions I suspect you'd get really boring answers even if he was being honest and forthcoming. They thought it was the best idea at the time given then...
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    Who was Mickey Mantle?

    If anyone here missed it I thought The Last Boy by Jane Leavy was very good. There is a particularly great digression about the supposed 565-foot homer he hit out of Griffith Stadium.
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    Wally was introduced to the Fenway crowd 23 years ago today

    Stuff to make going to a game more exciting for kids like Wally and the stuff in the RF concourse is good. Fenway in the 90s had a certain charm but it wasn't exactly kid-friendly. Kids have short attention spans and Fenway should be a family experience, and having more families there helps sell...
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    NBA GOAT discussion

    I tend to think the answer to any GOAT question, especially in an athletic sport like basketball or football or hockey, is just incredibly skewed towards recent times with modern nutrition, training, and a larger population to draw from both in the US and with the spread of the game to more...
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    Greatest Redsox (pure) Hitters of all time

    To me, "pure hitter" means someone who hits the ball hard, lots of line drives and doesn't rely on walks or homers to be valuable. So, they would have a high BABIP and a high BA and not go deep into counts -- they're up there looking for a pitch they can hit hard and they'll probably do so. Nor...
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    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    Weird how that happens when you trade Mookie for him. He'll get killed because Boston is a high pressure place to play and there will be even more of a spotlight on him than there would be for another rookie. Not complicated.
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    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    The red flags are that he's also been criticized for poor work ethic on the field, showing up late for practice. Not the same thing as being complicit in an assault, but it's not like there's no more smoke here. He will have to show that he has matured or he'll get absolutely killed the first...
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    Emotional Rescue: or How I Learned to Love the Sox After They Traded Mookie

    A lot of this angst is because the Red Sox seem to lurch between different financial strategies as they move from GM to GM. Which seems weird when the owners have been selecting all the GMs. Are they focusing on developing young players, only giving extensions when they're buying out a player's...
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    Super Bowl LIV: Chiefs vs 49ers Game Thread

    The worst decision was giving away a possession at the end of the first half, considering what the Chiefs offense can and has done. I figured they were done at that point. If you don't trust your offense to move the ball there (and your defense / ST to hold if you have to punt) then how do you...
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    Lou Merloni: Mookie asking price is 12 years, $420 million.

    He wants slightly less than Trout signed at the beginning of last year. Basically they're the same age at the time the contract would be signed (Mookie is one year and two months younger). You can look up their numbers. Trout might be the best player ever but Mookie is...really good. I don't...
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    2020 NFL Rule Changes

    Yeah this is a loophole and it sucks to watch as a fan. You're standing around for 2 minutes with the teams just looking at each other in what should be an exciting part of the game. Instead of the onside kick change, why not give teams an extra timeout or two in the second half? That would...