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    April Game Thread

    And Walsh with the walkoff bomb, but I still would have preferred him to just have picked the throw at first back in the 5th inning.
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    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    All I remember about it is how mad Fris was.
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    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Sorry if asked/answered but I didn't see it. I used to watch games with an subscription via the MLB app that was an icon on my iTunes home screen. This year that icon itself seems to have disappeared. Am I stuck having to watch on my laptop (or airdrop from laptop to the tv)? Anyone...
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    "That pitch was up 28-3" is a good comment.
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    Red Sox sign RHP Hirokazu Sawamura, 2 yr/$2.4M

    No need - I agree with the general thrust of your post, we're just parsing terms like 'elite' at this stage. I don't have much special insight beyond what you can find on BR. Sawamura was considered an elite closer at one point while Okajima never really was, and Oki always walked more guys. I...
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    Tiger Woods Car Accident - Ongoing News and Commentary

    sorry hadn't seen EE's post
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    Red Sox sign RHP Hirokazu Sawamura, 2 yr/$2.4M

    You know I've always found this so strange, and I don't know where it comes from. In a country where fundamentals are drilled into you all day everyday from the time you pick up a baseball, I don't know how so many hitches and twists make their way through the gauntlet to the bigs.
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    Red Sox sign RHP Hirokazu Sawamura, 2 yr/$2.4M

    Agree with this except for the bolded. Sawamura has been significantly better for most of his NPB career than Okajima was for his. Oki was signed in part to keep Matsuzaka company, and happened to develop his best pitch by accident in Spring Training after we'd already signed him. That said yes...
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    Preparations for the Summer Olympics

    That all sounds kind of sucky for you, sorry. Are you still expected to go to Sendai for the opening rounds of baseball/softball, then back down here for the later rounds? How do they propose you get around - will they be putting you up near venues, and shuttling you to/from? re masks - I...
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    Red Sox sign RHP Hirokazu Sawamura, 2 yr/$2.4M

    Yep and Yep. This is the correct takeaway I think -- who knows what we're getting but for that money it's almost entirely upside. The change of scenery mid-season from Yomiuri to Lotte seemed to do him good; hopefully he also adjusts well to this much bigger change of scenery. His career once...
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    Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    Right, if people are still making this argument they are crazy, and will never be convinced, ever. Montana played 16 years and made the playoffs 11 times (.688). Brady is currently at 21 years and has made the playoffs 18 times (.857). That's including Brady's rookie year in 2000, obviously if...
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    The Nation's Tears Are Still Here

    Sounds pretty Deep State-y. Whoever was saying that Deflategate presaged a lot of the QAnon type craziness was probably onto something.
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    MLB Offseason 2020 News & Notes

    Ma-kun is returning to Japan, back to his old team the Rakuten Golden Eagles up in Sendai. Article in Japanese EDIT - and some details in English here:
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    Amazon Prime Video is doing a voice over and I can't shut it off

    Oh I got it!! I didn't realize you could change settings from within an episode, thought it had to be done beforehand on a more general screen. Fixed; hopefully I don't have to do it for each episode but at least I know how now. Many thanks for the help guys.
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    Amazon Prime Video is doing a voice over and I can't shut it off

    This is all within Amazon Prime Video? So Step 1 is just to hit play on The Expanse S5e1? Audio Descriptions are most definitely available, but I can't see anywhere that's an option to actually select. And how/where do I get to Step 2? Thank you.