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    RD5 #13/#159: K Justin Rohrwasser, Marshall

    Isn't SF looking? He and Bosa could be kindred spirits.
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    2020 Football Team: A Capital Scandal

    Rule one of apologies: apologize.
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    Someone podcast stans need to remind me again how giving this site ears, eyeballs and oxygen isnt directly complicit to the rotting fish head doing harm at the top of the masthead.
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    Washington Football Team Name Change

    If Dan Snyder wasn't so stubborn and quintupling down on how much of a Make America Great and terrible businessman he is, he would realize that there's truckloads of goodwill, new fans, and money to be made by embracing the name change. Even now when he's at his whitest knuckles. You craft a...
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    Washington Football Team Name Change

    something something "libural" "murrica" "sports and politics" "I like to fish." Is there a Montana Fan Mad Libs post generator?
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    MacBook Pro 2020

    I have a Macbook Pro that was around the first iteration of touchbar and the only thing I've ever used it for is the mute button that's on the default bar display to the far right of the touchbar. Occasionally by accident I activate Siri because it's next to mute. If there's a comparable model...
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    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    I'm stating that people that claim that there was and is no politics in sports are wholly incorrect and willfully ignoring that the two are inexorably linked. Whether or not said fans admit it while they watch and root for their guys. NFL, NBA, MLB. College. Tee-ball. The Cornhole League...
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    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    I think we both probably agree that Goodell knows he's the messenger delivering the message that the owners dictate to him. But possibly had a bit of input in this moment and the overwhelming common sense to nod along and say "welp we do have to say something at this point." The Black Lives...
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    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    And how Sosh's oldest saw and the tried-and-true mantra "keep politics out of my sports" was always a false belief that only the more privileged (white males) had the luxury to afford.
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    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    And after a week's worth of seismic, history-making of protests in all 50 states. Someone remarked that Goodell knows how to "read a room," but this says otherwise. Because 1) he doesn't and 2) he's the owners mouthpiece, and *they* don't know how to read rooms. Funny how when the money-making...
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    RD5 #13/#159: K Justin Rohrwasser, Marshall

    Libertarian/moral relativism/bootstraps starter kit: book recommendations he gave include 12 Rules by Jordan Peterson, The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink. Good thing sports is not political at all because it's sports ;)
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    Gronk to TB (Tom Brady): A Gronking to Remember

    A fourth rounder instead of nothing is candy in light of Gronk's physical state a year after not playing full-speed in game situations while exponentially breaking down before our eyes. I'd take the under on "Gronk healthy and active for an entire season" regardless of how many games that ends...
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    2020 Bucs: TB12 in TB20 - How Far Do They Go?

    Yup. Maybe "no respect" translates to "BB even broaching the idea that if Brady's play or ability fell off a cliff this season that he would have to visualize transitioning to being veteran leadership in a backup role" and Brady won't consider that.
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    Gone Brady Gone

    Hopefully amRadio can get back through on the call-in show from his car to modify his hot take
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    Presumably the staff won't stay 100% healthy because baseball happens, so openers would be what we'd see if injuries forced them to do it. May as well do it on purpose, or just keep doing it if they did initially resort to it while someone was DL'd. And telling certain guys what their roles are...