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    RIP Travis Roy

    Very nice documentary tribute. Your BIL was quite impressive. Sorry about his passing.
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    Obviously, he was 100% fine with dark sarcasm in the classroom. RIP Stiffy.
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    Want Pliny? Help My Godson get a Kidney

    I have been very remiss in my messageboarding of late and therefore just saw this. Donation made. Go Woodchucks! (don't worry about the Pliny.)
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    5/8 MiLB Gameday: To 60 and beyond

    I was at the Seadogs game tonight and can attest that Owens was absolutely dealing. He was changing speeds very effectively and, until the 8th, his control was excellent. He retired the side on 5 pitches in the 7th, at which point his pitch count was only 79 and he still had his no-hitter...
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    Koji Uehara: one of the 20 best relief seasons ever?

    The oft-maligned Bob Stanley had a great season in 1982. 168.1 IP, all in relief, WAR of 4.5, led all qualifiers in ERA+ (granted, it was the year Pete Vuckovich won the Cy).
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    Garin Cecchini

    I saw him go 3 for 4 last night, including a double and a home run, plus he looked pretty good defensively. Very impressive plate discipline. Now at 366/490/537.
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    Garin Cecchini

    His younger brother Gavin just got taken by the Mets with the 12th overall pick.
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    Congrats, that's very cool, Traut. Good luck to everyone in dealing with their respective ailments. Anyone familiar with chi running? I'm a quite unaccomplished runner, but I got the book and DVD and it seems to have helped me avoid chronic injuries. It's essentially a program for fostering...
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    Thanks, guys. Am a bit sore today, but I should be as good as new (or as old) by tomorrow or Wednesday. Good luck on Saturday, Traut. Everyone's different, but for me consciously suppressing the initial adrenaline rush and starting out very slowly really paid major dividends as the race wore...
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    QUOTE (BleacherFan @ Oct 4 2009, 07:25 PM) Wierd, on coolrunning it has the winner @ ~2:38 - could that have been the final leg in the relay? You're right about the 2:38 on coolrunning. What's weird is that the dude had a police escort with a siren blast or two. I didn't think that they did...
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    Time for a shlub to check in. I feel pretty good about managing to plod through the Maine half marathon this morning in just under 2:09. (Gun time was within a second of 2:10 and it took me more than a minute to cross the start line.) Props are due to Springsteen, Deep Purple, and the...
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    QUOTE (underhandtofirst @ Sep 22 2009, 11:17 AM) That's pretty good to know you were picking up the pace. Did you feel that you needed the breaks? It was probably a good idea considering you hadnt run that far yet. Bumping up the weekly or daily mileage too fast can bring on problems. I...
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    QUOTE (underhandtofirst @ Sep 22 2009, 10:29 AM) If you were able to do 14 miles your only issue now is how much faster you want to run the race. Do you have any split times from your 14 miles? If your pace was slowing down then you may not be able to go much faster. Do you have a couple...
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    SOSH Running Dogs

    Can old and slow people post here? Anyone running in the Maine Marathon or half marathon on October 4? I signed up for the half and, having done a very slow but injury-free 14 miles yesterday, feel like I can do it. I ran this every year from '02 through '06 but have been on the DL the past...
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    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    QUOTE 2. How much production would J.D. Drew add if he hit the ball the other way at Fenway? At Fenway in 2009, Drew has a 934 OPS (tOPS+ = 110) and has hit 6 doubles, 1 triple, and 3 home runs to the opposite field. Nick, how much would your job performance improve if you actually watched...