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    Following Former Patriots

    I knew Talib had been involved in legal entanglements before, but didn’t realize the extent of them. This sounds like he’s been much more seriously involved in these things in the past than we know.
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    Patriots Training Camp 2022

    All sorts of interesting updates on today’s joint practice with the Panthers: View: View: View...
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    Tatis Jr. suspended 80 games for PEDs

    This is entering “Wade Boggs cracked a rib putting on his cowboy boots in a hotel” territory. Between his dad’s haircut story and @Mueller's Twin Grannies excellent dissertation about drug names, I actually am beginning to think it all might be … true? Stranger things have happened. But what a...
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    Red Sox acquire Tommy Pham

    He’s saying JBJ isn’t a starter. I agree that it’s possible something fell through. I also think that the team may have had plans for Schwarber the lockout messed up. And, I also think it’s possible that the theory discussed upthread (elsewhere?) about Chaim thinking the lockout might last much...
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    Patriots Training Camp 2022

    Bedard (who has been a hysterical ninny this offseason) wrote a pretty good piece about all this this past week. Basically, he said that Bill has wanted to try out of the Shanahan zone blocking scheme for a long time but never could really take the time to do it with Brady ready to win, the...
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    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    “Tall Kyrie” is funny tho
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    Peter Gammons' Tweeterverse

    Man, his latest column in the Athletic is just a thing of beauty. Cape league past and present, a great bit on Trayce Thompson, and some ruminations on the Twins (and old friend Sandy Leon). Even if he’s a walking advertisement for why some people should never tweet, Old Hickory still has his...
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    8/12 - Benintendi Returns a la Ellsbury

    I’m assuming Cora was annoyed is that Johnny is the favorite who always gets the first question and it seems kind of lame to ask a question like that after an emotional win.
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    8/12 - Benintendi Returns a la Ellsbury

    Pham: “End it. We don’t get paid for overtime.”
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    8/12 - Benintendi Returns a la Ellsbury

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    8/12 - Benintendi Returns a la Ellsbury

    Donaldson had no chance w Whitlock’s FB there.
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    8/11 - Who's Watching?

    Per my post above, I’m surrounded by all of them.
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    8/11 - Who's Watching?

    Hos Hammers Hits
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    8/11 - Who's Watching?

    BTW when did visitors fans start acting like they were the home team? This is the second game in two weeks I’ve sat along the third base like (which I assume is where the Sox seat visitors’ fans). But the obnoxious ovations and cheering has been totally over the top both times. I find it …...
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    Brady is back….back again

    Can I be a conspiracy theorist and suggest he’s trying to avoid having to talk much about the Dolphins stuff?