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    11/22 - Striking oil in Houston (1pm start)

    At what point do people start allowing hope to creep back in for playoffs? Is it after HOU and a ARI win? I think that's where I am. HOU is going to be 'expected', but if they strong together 4 in a row (Jets/Ravens/Texans/Cards) I'm going to start considering it a possibility
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    2020 Pats: Cam Can't Cook

    Cam gave an interview today, said throwing that particular pass felt like a 'medicine ball' and that he knew as soon as it left his hand it was short.
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    2020 Pats: Cam Can't Cook

    What do you guys think of that short throw in the end zone to a wide open WR (who was that?) elements, just one of those things? That was a big miss
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    Spotify Alternatives

    I am waiting for rhe YouTube TV/Music / No ads on YouTube package. $75/month, and I’m buying
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    Patriots defeat Bills on 11/1

    Anyone think BB loses 4 in a row? Me neither
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    10/25 - 49ers at Patriots

    Bette check the psi at halftime
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    2020 Tompa Bay: Tom Tom Club

    This isn’t new. He was petitioning for him last year. Anyone changing their mind on Tom wasn’t paying attention
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    Week 5--Broncos @ Patriots (maybe)

    Izzo wouldn’t have fumbled with a Stidham pass there
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    Week 5--Broncos @ Patriots (maybe)

    what a shitshow
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    The Pre-Game Thread: Wk.6 vs Denver

    Expectations? 2-3 game suspension?
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    AFC Power Rankings

    I think this is right. KC and Bal are top 2 teams. KC is top because they are Bal’s kryptonite. BUF/NE/PIT/TEN make up next tier. I listed them by alphabet. Hard to separate them too much. after them are what I call the Wannabes. Wannabe a contender, but realistically won’t be.