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    SOSH Running Dogs

    Perhaps this request is for the "blind leading the stupid" forum but since it's running-related I'll start here: Looking for help on a new run tracking program. In about 2010/11 this thread was part of what helped me get back into running. I followed some of the folks here onto dailymile and...
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    2018 Red Sox World Champions Parade thread

    My son who is down there watching the parade just texted me "Pearce looks like he's needing that railing for support." So I guess he's also drinking the beers
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    Worst Coach Stories

    The t-ball stuff cracks me up. My sons are about 5 years apart so when #2 started on t-ball he had been hanging out at #1's practices for years and played a lot of catch. So he quickly figures out that if he lurks a little in front of the mound he can catch a lot of the balls on the fly...
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    Mayweather - McGregor 8/26

    Enjoying the discussion/analysis here, so figured I would throw this question to the group: My brother works in advertising and some contact of his is all excited for this fight so he may end up with tickets and a hotel room. I get from all the posts so far that this is unlikely to be a decent...
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    I definitely went to a single-ticket admission doubleheader in 1997, remember since I had just moved back to Boston. OK went to retrosheet, here's game 1: I had remembered it as both 4-2 losses but I guess game 1 was actually worse...
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    Manuel Margot

    Just posted same in 6/27 mL forum: was in Portland Sat PM, caught the game, thought he looked good at the plate, HR was very well-hit also a fly out to base of wall in right that was well hit. 
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    6/27 MiLB Gameday: Trey Ball and some others

    FWIW, happened to be in Portland on Saturday and caught the game, was impressed with Margot's AB's, the HR was crushed and he also flied out to deep right in the prior at-bat. I think that was his first AA game, looked comfortable
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    Your Red Sox Blind Spot

    +1 on Win, although since I was 10 at the time he was my favorite player for the same reason I rooted for Jim Rice.   But on topic my answer was Juan Pena. After those first couple of appearances I was convinced that he was ready to dominate and could not understand why they insisted on burying...
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    Password management software

    That is exactly what I was wondering about. I am not very tech-savvy as the opening post makes clear, but use dropbox to manage some shared projects and conflicted version issues have occasionally been a pain in the ass for routine documents. My concern is that a conflicted version problem for...
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    Password management software

    See, this is 100% where I am now (except that I have a stack of individual pieces of paper from memo pads locked in a drawer), which is why I definitely need the help   In terms of platforms, I have Windows PC for my work desktop and laptop and use an iPhone, so something versatile makes sense...
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    Password management software

    I searched the first couple of pages in this forum and TBLTS and don't see anything within the past year+ on the topic of software to manage passwords. A friend recommended KeePass and AnyPassword as good options, but thought I would look also to the collected wisdom of SoSH.   Anyone have a...
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    SABR Boston Event on Mon. Jan. 20; Farrell & much more

    Is this all ages? Was thinking of bringing my 15 year old son. Looks like a great event
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    Exactly, that is why the official scoring was 2 errors on the play, runner from 2nd-3rd on Salty's error dropping the ball, runner 3rd-home and trail runner advance on Breslow's throwing error.
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    Back to the hit and run with Ross/Nava: my assumption at the time was that Ross would not get on base and most likely would strike out, so my preference was to avoid running into the out in the hopes of extending the inning another batter. Puts more pressure on Rodney, who was having trouble...
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    On Victorino's last at bat he was constantly readjusting his thumb guard and was in obvious pain. He looked like he could not put on a proper swing, tried the bunt and then slapped at a couple of pitches and was lucky to get the single. Don't think he was able to bat for himself after that, so...