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    East Qualifying and Round Robin Game Thread

    let's give credit where it's due. Svechnikov was on fire today. And the Hurricanes out hustled the Rangers at every single moment until there were about 4 minutes left in the game. Mzarek made some nice saves in the 1st. Overall the 'Canes are doing what they do when they make the playoffs...
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    EPL 12/14-16: lIvERpOOl gEtS aLL tHE vAr cAlLs

    This VAR thing is absolutely ridiculous. The crease on his shorts was off sides which clearly gives him a huge advantage. What in the actual....
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    100% Julian Edelman

    I didn't see this being discussed anywhere (probably because the movie is on Showtime ) so I figured I would get this started. 100% Julian Edelman highlights Edelman's story that really focuses on his relationship with his dad. What I found interesting was the way they handled the 4 game...
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    East Round 1 Game Thread

    He put his left hand on the other players neck and put his weight forward so he drove the players head into the ice. It's right there in the video. He never attempted to hold up.
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    East Round 1 Game Thread

    And Ovi drove Svechnikov's head into the ice. Hurricanes got the best revenge. 5 -0 shutout. With only 8 Capital shots for the rest of the game after the above fight.
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    Bruins v. Canes

    That was a fun game to watch. The Canes are legit. First time I can say that in 10 years. Exciting times. Congrats to the Bruins for some awesome fore checking to setup that winning goal. The B's did that really well last night and it was clear the Hurricanes were not ready for it.
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    Bruins v. Canes

    I'm curious to see how this game plays out. As the lone Canes fan on this board the Hurricanes have been playing really well as of late. And their two headed normally backup goalies now magically starting goalies have been pretty terrific. The goalie stole that last game against Florida. The...
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    Expanding pro U.S. sports to Mexico?

    I used to spend a lot of time in Mexico City. For about a eight year period I spent about a solid month or more in total every year. A week or two four times a year. It is a security concern. Most higher end places have pretty heavily armored and gun toting security forces. Even coffee shops...
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    October 2018 NHL Game Thread

    The Hurricanes are super fun to watch. Tied up the game with a bit over a minute left and then won in overtime over Minnesota on the road. Of course, in typical Hurricanes fashion they out shot the other team by almost double (53 - 24) and still needed OT to win it. Aho is awesome, J. Staal...
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    9/15 Week Game Thread

    I can't tell if this Wolves team is really, really good or if Burnley is really, really bad. Because the Wolves have carried every single minute of this game. Only Burnley's keep has kept them in it .
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    July 2018 NHL News

    This will make Carolina's top four d pretty amazing Slavin - Pesce Hamilton - DeHaan I assume Faulk is going to be traded somewhere.
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    Day 10 GAME THREAD: Belgium, Mexico, Germany, oh my!

    I despise these Mexico homer announcers. It is like listening to the Yankees announcers. Mexico can do no wrong and South Korea is lucky to be on the same field with them. I just hit mute. Way more fun to just watch the match without the commentary.
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    Day 8 GAME THREAD: Ozzy Man

    Total red card. He should be walking out of the stadium right now.
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    Day 7 GAME THREAD: Group B Mayhem

    I thought that Morocco was on the receiving end of several bad calls. There were several plays especially in the first half where Portugal threw full on body blocks on Moroccan players in the box, never touched the ball at all and there was no call. And I thought that Morocco outplayed...
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    Workman's way back

    He looked good this past weekend against the Durham Bulls. His first batter was a bit shaky but after that he struck out the next two players cleanly.