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    Changing a username?

    I respect your Cheese for my Kitchen in checking my syntax.
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    Changing a username?

    Please, I would like to change my name to Eck's pitching strategy "Yakker 4 your Kudo", which strikes me as quite descriptive of message-board motivations.
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    2018 NFL Draft Day Two Game Thread w spoilers

    On the NFL Network, the moment Goddell, Branch and Warren walked on stage to announce the Pats pick at 56, the sound slowed to a crawl, like playing a 45 at 33 1/3. Everyone involved sounded like they were sprung from a sitcom version of an acid trip. It was gloriously weird.
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    Chris Sale to Boston for Moncada, Kopech, & 2 Prospects

    Bruce Levine reported on Chicago radio (670 The Score) that the Red Sox will pay the full freight of Moncada's remaining bonus $, in the neighborhood of $31M. This probably was the reason the White Sox stopped asking for Betts, 10D, et al.
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    2016-2017 NBA Game Thread

    According to my local sports radio station, KLAY amassed a total of 11 dribbles on 33 shot attempts.
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    Another Computer Purchase Thread

    I bought a refurbished Twist because the price was ridiculously good, and @Couperin47 did a good job pointing out the durability and value of the Thinkpad line. I think I just lost the refurb lottery: the motherboard failed just before the warranty expired, and was swapped out by Lenovo, took 3...
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    Another Computer Purchase Thread

    Having just gone through the research to replace my Thinkpad (which only lasted 2 yrs, rather disappointing), I can attest that has a very readable buyer's guide: At the entry level...
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    Matt Latos DFA by the Dodgers

    Latos to the White Sox for 2016, 1 year for 3M. That is quite a fall.
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    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Unable to see Other Crap, I pledge both cash and fealty for restoring my access. Many thanks!
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    4G Android phone megathread

    The Xperia Z3 is the Sony you cite, and I would gladly buy one if I could find a US version new in the box from a reputable vendor.  
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    4G Android phone megathread

    Are there any 5"> smartphones left, or does the phablet-style phone now rule unchallenged? Iphones got too big (and the 5s are not ideal for me because I need wifi phone capability),  and now Nexus 5 or Xperia Z3 compact phones are only available from sketchy resellers, mostly "international...
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    Cell signal over wifi

    I am not the most sophisticated guy when it comes to tech stuff, and would appreciate some education about why I am having such trouble using my cell phone as, you know, a PHONE. I really like the savings that came from ditching the landline, but the frustrations have been mounting of late.  s  ...
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    Gloria Allred calls presser to detail another NFL abuse case

    Brandon Marshall's "evidence" was a letter that Rasheedah Watley recanted when testifying under oath at Marshall's trial.
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    Tech Bargain Thread: Post Your Deals Here!

    The Thinkpad Twist that Coup linked to in post 184 (and gave a hearty, persuasive endorsement as well) is now at an even lower price of $325, after going up over $400 for a couple of weeks. I bought one to replace our Toshiba that runs a perpetual fever and has to be plugged in to stay running...