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    RIP Jim Corsi

    Corsi, Rheal Cormier, and Rod Beck were all on the '99 team and have all passed, which is difficult to believe.
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    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    George Kottaras. He had an interesting combination of drawing walks and hitting for power for a catcher, and I really wanted to see him get a shot as the successor to Varitek. But starting catcher is a veteran's job until he gives it up (or so it seems), and Kottaras's fate was spelled when they...
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    Following Former Red Sox 2021 Edition

    Yacksel Rios signs a minor-league deal with the White Sox.
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    Hunter Renfroe traded to Brewers for JBJ and 2 prospects

    Bloom seemed to think it did: That's a bit more optimistic than I am on Bradley's ability to rebound. I think he has to be considered a defense-first fourth outfielder until he shows otherwise. But regardless, Hernandez is the only right-handed outfielder they have (unless you count JD), and...
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    Red Sox sign Rich Hill to a one year deal

    Alternately, if Dick Mountain were to get picked up by the White Sox, he'd be one of only five players to play for both current NY teams and both current Chicago teams, a list that includes an old friend at the top of any and all lists, David Aardsma.
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    Hunter Renfroe traded to Brewers for JBJ and 2 prospects

    It is difficult to ascertain whether Bradley’s drop-off is something from which he can re-emerge when he is already a notoriously streaky hitter to begin with. It could be a bad habit, overcompensating for a new home park, not jelling with the hitting coach. Or this could be the hitter he is...
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    Red Sox Offseason discussion

    A left-handed bat would complement Arroyo (career .213 BA vs RHP in 283 PAs) well. I had been hoping Bloom was looking at Wendle before he was dealt to Miami yesterday. Jeff McNeil is coming off a down year for the Mets, and can play in the outfield, but would probably cost a lot.
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    Sox sign Wacha

    Wacha has been rather candid in his interviews so far, and from those it sounds like one thing the Red Sox like about him is his coachability...
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    Worcester Red Sox unveil a second mascot: a dog named Woofster

    Was it ever explained what happened to Paws or Sox? Or were they, uh, taken to the park?
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Nabholz came in that trade along with the veteran reliever Steve Farr, who wasn't much better (6.23 ERA in 13 IP).
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Including Ron Mahay, the ex-replacement player who got 22 PAs as a center fielder, then reinvented himself as a left-handed reliever who pitched parts of two seasons with Boston and kept pitching until he was 39.
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Butch Huskey John Olerud
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    Your top “almost-a-Red-Sox”

    This was more likely local media hype at a time when the Red Sox couldn't seem to attract any free agents, but I seem to recall a lot of buzz about Bob Welch after his Cy Young year in 1990. John Dennis of Channel 7 called the guy at his home and Welch hung up on him (this was played on the...
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    Unusual plays

    Basically, the play happened because not one but two players didn't know the rules.
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    Unusual plays