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  1. soxhop411

    2020 Raiders: Cleaning Up Las Vegas

    The Raiders stadium is pretty much complete and we have now Seen some views of the stadium from the air and it looks like they are playing in a Giant Roomba in the middle of the desert Roomba missed a golden marketing opportunity for naming rights to the stadium. Also if the Raiders...
  2. soxhop411

    Rumored: There will be no minor league season this year

    “@JoeDoyleMiLB: BREAKING: Multiple agents receiving messaging today that there will NOT be a minor league season, rather, an MLB expanded roster and a developmental league playing out of ST facilities. Huge.” View: View...
  3. soxhop411

    NCAA moves toward allowing athletes to be paid sponsors more at the link. It’s about time the NCAA came to its senses. Hopefully one of the outcomes of this is we can get NCAA EA games again.
  4. soxhop411

    “Here comes the pizzer“ is now a teenager!

    Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the best moment in sports history. View: View: One of the many amazing highlights that we were treated to with Don and Jerry in the booth including the boob grab...
  5. soxhop411

    Wally was introduced to the Fenway crowd 23 years ago today

    And here is the debut of him in video form View:
  6. soxhop411

    John Krasinski and David Ortiz surprise health care workers with Red Sox tickets for life Good on Ortiz and the Red Sox for doing something like this. A small gesture like this can go a long way for many of these healthcare workers. Hopefully other...
  7. soxhop411

    XFL Suspending Operations & All Employees Laid Off

    View: i think “suspending operations” is just words. They are finished, like the AAF.
  8. soxhop411

    Red Sox have uploaded a FOUR HOUR LOOP of Ortiz’s 2013 grandslam

    View: It took me 15 min to get that perfect image on my phone.
  9. soxhop411

    If the season is canceled the Red Sox luxury tax would NOT reset

    Per Alex Speier “@alexspeier: Update on this: There is no automatic CBT reset if there’s no 2020 season. If there is no 2020 season and Sox spend > $210M in 2021, they’d be taxed as a team surpassing the CBT threshold for a third straight season.” View...
  10. soxhop411

    2020 Draft: NFL Plans to Hold Draft in a Studio Goodell gets to escape an entire audience booing him. I’m still going to boo the shit out of him from my couch.
  11. soxhop411

    March Madness to be held without fans Dominos are beginning to fall. Other sports are sure to follow suit. This year it should be called “March Sadness”
  12. soxhop411

    2020 Rams: Rams legend Eric Dickerson thinks the logo looks like a Pe*is

    Rams are apparently changing their logo to something you would find in a gas station store: View:
  13. soxhop411

    NHL closes locker room access for media due to coronavirus

    View: “@FriedgeHNIC: Starting today, @NHL will close dressing rooms to media, on recommendation of Centers for Disease Control (@CDCgov) in effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. NBA, MLB + MLS are expected to follow. Media...
  14. soxhop411

    Patriots Interested "Red Rifle" Trade If Brady Leaves View:
  15. soxhop411

    Madison Bumgarner has had a secret rodeo identity for many years Much more at the link. I am surprised that Madison Bumgarner didn’t learn his lesson after the ATV accident.
  16. soxhop411

    Sox have hired Jerry Narron as bench coach

    View: Narron was Grady Little’s bench coach in 2003. Sox also going to give Tek a more full time role with the team. “@PeteAbe: Sox are planning for a more full-time role with the MLB team for Jason Varitek. Still working that out.” View...
  17. soxhop411

    2020 Browns: Browns hold a funeral for their mascot

    The browns mascot swagger recently passed away. Earlier today the browns held an open wake in which fans could come pay respect to Swagger: This is the first time I have ever seen an open wake for a pet/mascot @Marciano490 done.
  18. soxhop411

    Lil Papi, hitting bombs like dad

    The Boston globe has an extremely lengthy and well written article on D’Angelo Ortiz (lil’ Papi). he is draft eligible in 2022. Hopefully he comes to the Sox.
  19. soxhop411

    MLB sends memo to teams laying out new steps to curb intentional HBP’s

    View: “Unrelated” my ass. Like that will stop players from throwing at them. MLB is literally making the Astros a victim in all of this.
  20. soxhop411

    Passan: Baseball is Burning (in which Manfred calls the WS trophy a “piece of metal”

    Passan brings the heat in a lengthy ESPN article Much more at the link. Manfred Opened up a can of worms in how he handled this Astros situation and IMO I do not think he is the right...