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  1. fineyoungarm

    David Ortiz in the NESN broadcast booth

    The reports about this getting closer to being a reality continue. I am ambivalent. The pro is - '"it's Big Papi, of course he should get a shot!" The anti is that commentators, who don't have it, get attacked constantly - and it's often not pretty. Maybe Ortiz would be given a pass, if he is...
  2. fineyoungarm

    Jose Fernandez - stiff shoulder   This may be about to get ugly.        
  3. fineyoungarm

    A pitcher as most iconic player

    This ties into last night's game thread. I am confident that we can all agree that "every day" players such as Babe Ruth for the Yankees, Ted Williams for the Red Sox and Stan Musial for the Cardinals are the most iconic players in the history of each of those teams.   Which major league teams...
  4. fineyoungarm

    Cano and Mariners - reported at $240,000 for 10 years   I could not type that many "0's" - it's $240,000,000 - of course.