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  1. flymrfreakjar

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    If anyone gets a trial, or one month subscription through the MLB app, be very careful to cancel it after you get the free TMobile subscription. It doesn’t replace your other subscription and they will continue to bill you at an absurd trial rate until you notice that you have two subscriptions...
  2. flymrfreakjar

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    I really hate it. A big part of the joy for me in watching sports is following certain players— and Mookie is one of my favorite players I’ve ever rooted for. I think I might rather watch a mediocre team with players I love than a good team with guys I don’t care about. I realize I’m certainly...
  3. flymrfreakjar

    NFL 100 All-Time Team Co-Hosted by Bill Belichick

    Is there a place to watch these online?
  4. flymrfreakjar

    2019 ALDS - Twins vs. Yankees - General Gamethread

    Same old story for the Twins against NY. Between the dropped pop up and that whiff, just handing the game over.
  5. flymrfreakjar

    Celebrating What Is

    Man... I’ll be on a plane. If anyone finds any links to stream it after they air pleasssse post, there’s nothing I’d rather do when I get home
  6. flymrfreakjar

    Playoffs? Playoffs!??!?!?

    Welp. Cleveland, Tampa and Oakland all win by a 1-2 run margin. If the Sox are going to make a push, they’re going to need a little help and they’re certainly not getting any thus far.
  7. flymrfreakjar

    Mathematical Eliminatory 2019 - the (hopefully) triumphant return!

    YES! I look forward to these every year.
  8. flymrfreakjar

    Countdown to the 2019 M.L.B. trade deadline.

    Wow, Gallen to Arizona. That’s unexpected, must be a pretty good haul.
  9. flymrfreakjar

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    Or you have two pretty evenly matched teams taking it all the way to game 7, and what separates them is a little luck. That’s sports man...
  10. flymrfreakjar

    David Ortiz on the mend: shooting and recovery

    If anyone can calm me down, it’s Pedro.
  11. flymrfreakjar

    Mookie BBetts - 2019 Campaign

    I wonder if he is nursing a leg injury of some kind. Not trying to steal much, bad numbers on the bases in general, and some shockingly bad defensive metrics (especially considering he’s usually a super elite defender by the numbers)
  12. flymrfreakjar

    May MLB game thread

    Well at least you guys can count on them scoring ten runs total in your season series.
  13. flymrfreakjar

    Swihart traded to Dbacks

    It feels absolutely inevitable that Swihart will flourish elsewhere. I’m definitely hoping that’s the case, not a fan about how he’s been handled (fully admitting I know nothing at all).
  14. flymrfreakjar

    NY roster 2019

    Honestly playing BAL twice, DET, CWS, Sox while they’re struggling mightily and then KC for four games, with several off days, is about the friendliest window possible to try to stay afloat during injuries.
  15. flymrfreakjar

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    NESN has a streaming app, but you need a valid cable login and there are occasional location issues... so, not much help
  16. flymrfreakjar

    March/April MLB game thread: “It’s big ball chunky time!”

    It’s not like there are elite veteran bullpen arms out there just waiting to sign.
  17. flymrfreakjar

    Starting Pitching 2019

    I think they thought with the limited spring training, that they might be mediocre/below-average, not absolute garbage. Probably felt the offense could carry them through it, and they nearly did — had the SP been merely crappy, they probably take 3/4.
  18. flymrfreakjar

    Rosenthal: Sale extension 5 years, $145 million

    But Sale isn’t just a pitcher in his 30’s. He’s arguably the best pitcher in the game right now and a likely HOFer. Even in this quiet offseason, we saw serious money being spent on super elite talent, and I think teams would have absolutely been ready to pony up. Corbin was coming off a great...