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  1. FullaPoloni

    10/27 - @ Rangers. Calls the faithful to their knees

    Probably the shot block on the PK in the first
  2. FullaPoloni

    Patriots Footnotes

    Justin Watson, I think he still likes the Rams chances
  3. FullaPoloni

    Celebrate What Is: Non-star Player Who "Stepped Up" in Big Moments aka Malcolm Butler Trophy

    I'll always remember him for likely saving the season while unconscious and half out of bounds on the sideline in Buffalo. He alertly remained motionless and nullified a change of possession.
  4. FullaPoloni

    January 5th:Washington At Boston

    According to Fluto there will be no Kevan Miller tonight so we've got that going for us
  5. FullaPoloni

    12/4 - B's @ Flames

    But he plays with grit :rolleyes: When he can catch up to the guy
  6. FullaPoloni

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Thank you
  7. FullaPoloni

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    When you can get to it, may I regain access to Other Crap? Thank you
  8. FullaPoloni

    Best Player/Worst Skater

    Our own Mr. Chara would have to be considered a bad skater as he is slow with poor balance (although he occasionally exhibits agility)
  9. FullaPoloni

    Best Player/Worst Skater

    Dave Andreychuk would be my answer
  10. FullaPoloni

    Bluetooth Speakers

    You can get the Oontz XL from Cambridge Soundworks for $100 or 2 for $170.  I haven't tried them yet myself but the reviews on Amazon are good.
  11. FullaPoloni

    Bluetooth Speakers has a woot-off going on right now with Pyle bluetooth speakers.  I can't speak to their quality and they switch deals every couple of hours.
  12. FullaPoloni

    Outfielder Arms: the good, the bad and the ugly

    Raul Mondesi and Jose Guillen also deserve mention.   Guillen:     Mondesi:     edit: Mondesi video came up wrong
  13. FullaPoloni

    Following Former Red Sox: 2013

    While I agree that the park helps, 3 at home and 4 on the road suggest a little more than that
  14. FullaPoloni

    Game 7 - Bruins @ Canucks - Protect the Civic

    Some must die so that the Civic may live