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    Will There Be MLB in 2020?

    And one owner says it’s a non starter View:
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    Alex Rodriguez talking with Robert Kraft about buying the Mets
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    Nfl reasoning: “he failed a background check”
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    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    Ortiz and Manny back together. Via a photo from Ortiz Instagram
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    MLB Suspending ST Games and Regular Season Delayed At Least 2 Weeks

    And this isn’t just any player quote. Scherzer is on the eight-player Executive Sub-Committee which is the top player committee in the union. bubbaprog: Scherzer, University of Missouri finance major, is on the MLBPA’s top player committee alongside James Paxton, University of Kentucky...
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    MLB Suspending ST Games and Regular Season Delayed At Least 2 Weeks

    So it seems like MLB’s proposal to the players went over real well. So much so they may not even make a counter offer... View: I had a well-informed source text me this today: "They might not make a counter proposal. That's how bad...
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    MLB Suspending ST Games and Regular Season Delayed At Least 2 Weeks

    No it’s not from Boras. The owners are really trying to screw the players Sources: Under MLB proposal to players, a player making $35 mil in 2020 would make about $7.8 mil. A player making 10 mil would get about 2.9 mil and a player making a mil would make $434k. View...
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    MLB Suspending ST Games and Regular Season Delayed At Least 2 Weeks

    View: “@JonHeyman: Exact percentages in MLB proposal aren’t known, but people involved estimate the best-paid stars — Trout, Cole, Verlander, Scherzer, etc — might make about 20-30 percent of their full salary over 82 games plus...
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    2020 Raiders: Cleaning Up Las Vegas

    . correct. Rams and chargers have had lots of trouble selling their SSL’s while the Raiders have not had this issue. what’s more :
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    2020 Jets: They Need to Stop Being the Jets

    Jets sign Flacco View: View: kind of a cheap deal for the jets.
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    2020 Raiders: Cleaning Up Las Vegas

    The Raiders stadium is pretty much complete and we have now Seen some views of the stadium from the air and it looks like they are playing in a Giant Roomba in the middle of the desert Roomba missed a golden marketing opportunity for naming rights to the stadium. Also if the Raiders...
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    Rumored: There will be no minor league season this year

    “@JoeDoyleMiLB: BREAKING: Multiple agents receiving messaging today that there will NOT be a minor league season, rather, an MLB expanded roster and a developmental league playing out of ST facilities. Huge.” View: View...
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    NCAA moves toward allowing athletes to be paid sponsors more at the link. It’s about time the NCAA came to its senses. Hopefully one of the outcomes of this is we can get NCAA EA games again.
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    “Here comes the pizzer“ is now a teenager!

    Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the best moment in sports history. View: View: One of the many amazing highlights that we were treated to with Don and Jerry in the booth including the boob grab...
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    Wally was introduced to the Fenway crowd 23 years ago today

    And here is the debut of him in video form View:
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    John Krasinski and David Ortiz surprise health care workers with Red Sox tickets for life Good on Ortiz and the Red Sox for doing something like this. A small gesture like this can go a long way for many of these healthcare workers. Hopefully other...
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    XFL Suspending Operations & All Employees Laid Off

    View: i think “suspending operations” is just words. They are finished, like the AAF.
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    Red Sox have uploaded a FOUR HOUR LOOP of Ortiz’s 2013 grandslam

    View: It took me 15 min to get that perfect image on my phone.
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    If the season is canceled the Red Sox luxury tax would NOT reset

    Per Alex Speier “@alexspeier: Update on this: There is no automatic CBT reset if there’s no 2020 season. If there is no 2020 season and Sox spend > $210M in 2021, they’d be taxed as a team surpassing the CBT threshold for a third straight season.” View...