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  1. WheresDewey

    Super Bowl LIV: Chiefs vs 49ers Game Thread

    Congratulations Andy Reid on finally winning one!
  2. WheresDewey

    Pedroia has "significant setback with his left knee"

    I love the "F- yeah!" he gives after seeing the runner is out. Hopefully he comes back as some kind of coach. Thanks for the laser show, Dustin.
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    Should the Red Sox Look into Punto Pt. 2?

    Still, those innings have to come from somewhere, and Price is the most likely of the injured 3 to be healthy and effective, IMHO. I'm sceptical the Sox can get a comparative pitcher for the money saved since they'll probably have to chip in money to get someone to take Price. Better to see what...
  4. WheresDewey

    Should the Red Sox Look into Punto Pt. 2?

    Unless it's a lopsided trade, the Sox should hold onto both Betts and Price. If 2 out Price, Sale and Eovaldi are healthy and pitching close to their norms, the Sox are contenders. If they aren't, the Sox aren't contenders, and you can still get something for a half season of Mookie and...
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    2019 Game Ball Thread: Wk. 15 at Bengals

    Gilmore, Gilmore and Gilmore, with honorable mention for Michel and Harry.
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    2019 Game Goat Thread: Wk. 14 vs Chiefs

    The offensive line. KC's defense is middle of the pack to poor (15th in dvoa), and the line looked like a turnstile. I shudder to think what Buf's D is going to do. Hard to judge Michel or Brady when the line's so craptastic.
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    Green Fields of the Mind

    This is tough to read this year, even as I've found my attention stray from the Sox to the Pats. Let's hope we can read it a month later next year with Mookie still in a Sox uniform.
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    2019 Dolphins: Can’t Even Tank Right

    With average luck and basic competence, the Fins should be a decent team in 2-3 years with that windfall of picks. As a Pats fan, I hope they don't, but as a football fan, I'll enjoy watching it.
  9. WheresDewey

    2019 Dolphins: Can’t Even Tank Right

    Thanks for the answers. I can see paying for the comp pick if they have the money. But Clowney is good enough to hurt where they pick in the 2020 draft, which might make a big difference if Rosen isn't the answer.
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    2019 Dolphins: Can’t Even Tank Right

    I don't see how Clowney makes sense for the Phins. They're probably at least three years away from contending, and that assumes either Rosen or next year's draft pick is a legitimate QB.
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    2019 Pats: Roster Projection 1.0

    Stidham looked good. Great back shoulder TD pass and generally sharp throws. If he keeps this up, Hoyer could get traded to a team like Philly for a late round pick, freeing up another spot for a WR on the bubble.
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    Keeping the Sky Up. What is going right?

    It's April. Sox will be in the hunt come September, despite the dreary start to the season.
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    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    1) the defense 2) Flores 3) the defense 4) Edelman and Gronk
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    Celebrate What Is: Non-star Player Who "Stepped Up" in Big Moments aka Malcolm Butler Trophy

    I'll second Troy Brown, the first player I thought of when reading this thread. That forced fumble in the Chargers game was right up there with the Butler interception, just in the AFC championship instead of the Superbowl.
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    SB53: Choose Your Own Adventure

    I'll take a boring blow-out win that's over at the half. My cardiologist will take that, too. Shared mvp to Brady and Gronk, who give vintage dominating performances.
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    The Game Ball Thread: AFCDG vs Chargers

    After a performance that dominating, the whole team and coaching staff deserve a game ball. Hell, that was such a satisfying win that the guys on the bench, injured reserve and practice squad probably deserve one too. On to Kansas City.
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    Building a Bullpen, 2019 edition

    I'm hoping they get Ottavino. After the torture of watching Kimbrel in the playoffs, I hope to not see him in a Red Sox uniform (unless he signs for way less than predicted)
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    Gordons Production

    This discussion is making me miss the one about player options in baseball contracts. Let's get back to Gordon. I think he's going to have a big day against Miami if Xavien Howard is out.
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    The Game Ball Thread: Week 8 at Buffalo

    Flowers. He continues to prove he's our best defensive player both by his presence and absence (uggh... Detroit).