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  1. Batman Likes The Sox

    Wifi and plaster walls

    Had similar issues when I moved into a roughly 3,000 sq ft old house over two floors, was using a slightly older router and range extender. I've installed the Google Nest router and 3 Google Nest Wifi points, and now have good service in every room, particularly important because we also have...
  2. Batman Likes The Sox

    Connecticut, Leading The Nation In Bad Minor League Team Names

    Are you just upset as a fellow tiger?
  3. Batman Likes The Sox

    Gronk announces his retirement

    My favorite Gronk video is still the one where he's a giant in 1st grade catching all the candy out of the piñata with his huge hands. It was a joy to watch him play, and I'll echo that I'm glad he's getting out young. That said, this is still amusing...
  4. Batman Likes The Sox

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    A future question, perhaps: What is stopping something from YouTube TV from letting people pick whatever location they want for viewing, regardless of the location they're in? For example, maybe one day I want to watch the Boston channels, then I want to watch the local news in San Francisco...
  5. Batman Likes The Sox

    Nike's Self-Tying Sneakers

    I look forward to the Black Mirror episode about the man whose phone dies and he can't get out of his shoes.
  6. Batman Likes The Sox

    Better anthem choices than James Taylor

    Can't believe this thread made it so far and no one mentioned the Beatles
  7. Batman Likes The Sox

    Game systems

    Yeah I agree this would make more sense in the games forum, but I have two boys, 6 and 8 years old, and there's no question that the right choice is the Switch. Just a wide variety of games, many downloadable, that are perfect for the age range. Happy to provide many suggestions if you head in...
  8. Batman Likes The Sox

    Great At-Bats, v2

    Here's the full ten-minute coverage of the at-bat.
  9. Batman Likes The Sox

    Digitizing old VHS Tapes

    I've been using the Elgato Video Capture wire. Good quality. Took me a little while to figure it out but it converts well. I'm copying over old family videos and just the ones I actually want to save. I also got Maxell VCR Head Cleaner (Wet Type). That helped a lot with the VCR - I ordered...
  10. Batman Likes The Sox

    NBA Finals Gamethread or how the NBA has more downtime than Game Of Thrones

    I feel like the lady walking up the stairs is a key player in the fight. Was the dude who knocks down two dudes protecting her? I'm looking forward to more on this as it unfolds.
  11. Batman Likes The Sox

    Now Bill Belichick to Narrate a WWII Documentary

    I can't believe he's willing to discuss WWII at all, he should be focused on the next matchup, WWIII
  12. Batman Likes The Sox

    Should I get an iPad Pro as a laptop replacement?

    One other note - whenever I don't have WiFi I just connect the Pro to my iPhone's network (which is very simple and wireless) and it's perfect.
  13. Batman Likes The Sox

    Should I get an iPad Pro as a laptop replacement?

    I use an iPad Pro for work. It's probably 80% as efficient as my MacBook Pro, and that's with about six months of getting used to it (and already having several iOS devices, so already being totally comfortable in that environment). Having something like office for mac is a must and I would...
  14. Batman Likes The Sox

    iPhone 7

    Is this the help desk for people who woke up to order the 7 and can't fall back asleep?
  15. Batman Likes The Sox

    Downloading a video that is fragmented

    Thank you.  I figured out something similar late last night with the screencast-o-matic plug in.  Like Quicktime it seems to use the microphone to record the audio coming out of the speakers, which leads to odd sound quality.  But that will do if that's the best solution, I'm glad to have a...
  16. Batman Likes The Sox

    Downloading a video that is fragmented

    I would appreciate any help available in guiding me.  I am attempting to save this video in as high quality as possible:   I can't seem to make it happen...
  17. Batman Likes The Sox

    2015 Women's World Cup

    Looks like the victory tour is headed to Yankee stadium against England.
  18. Batman Likes The Sox

    Name the new Hartford minor league team!

      That's the guy.  That name feels like a nice fit to me. 
  19. Batman Likes The Sox

    A Boston Bid for Olympic Games 2024

    If this happens, we'll see how true this ends up being:   "Local Olympic organizers say Boston 2024’s Olympic operating budget, about $4.5 billion, would be financed...