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  1. Gunfighter 09

    2019 Raiders: Khalil Mack Has No Comment

    The Raiders have a bunch of picks, a ton of cap space, very few good players and GM Mike Mayock to try and keep Coach/GM/Generalissimo John Gruden focused and somewhat bound by reality and good sense. This looks like a team hoping to improve to the 8-9 wins range and then to compete when they...
  2. Gunfighter 09

    2017 Raiders: Vegas baby, Vegas!!!

    I don't think we can answer this question until after Derek Carr and (hopefully) Gabe Jackson are extended later this spring after free agency and the Vegas vote. If they can get Carr in somewhere between $20-23M / per and Gabe in around $10M, this will be a successful offseason. It would be a...
  3. Gunfighter 09

    2016 Raiders: How farr can this Carr go?

    2016 could be the year where the Raiders finally return to relevance and break a 13 year streak of non winning seasons. They finished 7-9 with a very tough schedule (AFC West, AFC Central, NFC Central) last year, a four win improvement over the previous season. Unlike previous year, they were...
  4. Gunfighter 09

    Top three non-Revis free agents poll.

    Where do they wind up.....   1. Suh gets 7/120 with $72 guaranteed 2. No one gives up the picks for Dez or Demarius. Though, if I was BB or Pete Carroll, I would strongly consider paying the freight for Dez.  3. Murray gets no more than $6.5 per. 
  5. Gunfighter 09

    2014 Raiders: Gunfighter Gets to Name This Thread

    Because he is the best FB in the league, whatever that is worth in 2014. The hope is that, with competent Qb & line play, they can take better advantage of his skills. Reece also wasn't that expensive relative to the tailback market, and he certainly has tailback skills. His contract compares...