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  1. Archer1979

    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    The overwhelming success of NE the last twenty years has done two things (well more really, but the most relevant are)... The other organizations are certainly dubious that their success is due to being better run and are going to scream for blood for any reason in an attempt to control the...
  2. Archer1979

    2020 Pats: Bengals Coach Implies Patriots Taping Play Signals

    It's kind of what we do. ;) It's obvious to anyone who doesn't have a rabid anti-Pats bias that this wasn't the result of trying to get a competitive advantage, but really a rules infraction. The penalty seems harsh on the surface, but to think that any punishment is going to fit the crime...
  3. Archer1979

    2020 Pats: Is Cam Destined to Fail?

    I've got to think that Belichick will give two craps about Newton, or anyone else for that matter, kneeling for the National Anthem. He's approached this with his team the absolute right way by putting discussions about race front and center and having football take a back seat. Belichick...
  4. Archer1979

    Would you feel safe attending a game at Fenway tonight?

    This post is like looking at my Facebook feed with one of those math questions and the first answer on the board is right.
  5. Archer1979

    Bigger Cog in the Yankee Dynasty...

    Yeah. We're all joining hands and singing Kumbaya until the laundry hits the field again. As much as the numbers support Jeter, my gut response would still be Rivera. I'm looking at it from a Red Sox fan lens, but the Sox have had closers who have been great and have had closers that suck...
  6. Archer1979

    ZOOM? or Google Hangouts or ?

    ND: Glad to hear that you're alive and well. When will Zoom have closed captioning? I heard it was on the horizon.
  7. Archer1979

    Poll: The Sting 2020- Brady and Gronk

    Pats fan first. This is going to be sad. Like watching Willie Mays play for the Mets sad. Congrats to the Bucs though. They now have a legit shot at Super Bowl 49.
  8. Archer1979

    Choose your Red Sox house

    House 3 would be a lot of fun, but the risk is too great of waking up every morning with a penis drawn on your forehead. And yes, it would probably burn to the ground sooner rather than later. House 1 has the obvious draw with Papi, but, as much as I loved Nomar as a player, I've got to think...
  9. Archer1979

    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    Exactly. Folks are treating this like a big gotcha but all it proves is that the Sox were better with men on second base than not, which isn't against the rules. If it's the same study that I saw before, it doesn't take into account home/road splits; differentiation between 2017, 2018, and...
  10. Archer1979

    The Athletic: The Astros stole signs electronically in 2017 part of a much broader issue for Major League Baseball

    There's a code. A friend of mine was a student at a Big East school many years ago. He was involved in the game day activities for the basketball team. The sign above the locker room door was fairly clear... "What you see hear, stays here." Obviously, there should be limits, but what do you...
  11. Archer1979

    Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire arrested

    I'm guessing he was very excited about his rental.
  12. Archer1979

    Who was the most disliked Red Sox player acquisition ever? AT THE TIME OF ACQUISITION

    John Lackey. Didn't like him when he was with the Angels (the stuff about the wife... my God!) Held my nose rooting for him while he was with the Sox. I can see where David Wells might have been listed. And with the rider of "at the time of acquisition" I might have even had him close to...
  13. Archer1979

    2020 TB12: The Decision 2020

    Three years all sounds good for Brady's camp until folks realize that he's a 42 year old quarterback who has never played for a coach not named Belichick. This is one of those latter-year Jeter/Ortiz situations. He's worth far more to the incumbent franchise than to any other team bidding...
  14. Archer1979

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    I'm not sure if COTs was the one that I was looking at, but at least one site had the rosters updated within minutes of the news breaking.
  15. Archer1979

    In Defense of All Frazees

    Serols has no sense of humor: February 2020[edit] Hello, I'm Serols. I wanted to let you know that I reverted one of your recent contributions —specifically this edit to Harry Frazee—because it did not appear constructive. If you would like to experiment, please use the sandbox. If you have...
  16. Archer1979

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    That calculation was flawed though. Didn't account for home/away splits (Sox had an advantage at Fenway due to the layout as opposed to other stadiums). Also didn't account for the production of players that started with Boston in 2018 (notably JDM). Plus... young hitters get better. All...
  17. Archer1979

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    Well... That and the downside of the 2018 World Series is that the Sox brain-trust fell in love with the team. Re-signed Eovaldi, Pearce, and gave Sale a megabucks contract extension. This current scenario is why I may be a little more forgiving should they be more cold-hearted if/when the Sox...
  18. Archer1979

    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    This is where I am with this. No one can read that link and convict him of anything, but... the Sox just traded pretty much a Boy Scout away so there is going to be a natural comparison. Just the idea that he has work discipline issues was enough to push the needle, but add what this could be...
  19. Archer1979

    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    He'll figure it out when the first "Bloom is Off the Rose" column hits from Shank. But from all indications, Bloom seems pretty intelligent. I can't see that he wouldn't know what he was getting into with the Boston media with this sort of acquisition. All that said, WEEI must be insane to...
  20. Archer1979

    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    This is a case of either apathy vs. ignorance for the front office and neither is encouraging. They either didn't know (which I find disconcerting given that SOSH found it in pretty short order) or they didn't care enough to think that this was an issue (which elicits about ten different types...