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  1. Joe Sixpack

    Cleveland Indians ready to discuss changing team name

    Well, their name is Indians and they aren't named after people from India, so I would say the name isn't really fine.
  2. Joe Sixpack

    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    They typically offer a discounted rate of $50 for the full season around Father's Day. So I'd guess we'll see a similar deal offered this year.
  3. Joe Sixpack

    Cutting The Cord on Cable/Satellite TV Service?

    The main reason I have YouTube TV is for live sports, so it's near useless to me at the moment. The price increase just made me realize I should have canceled 2 months ago.
  4. Joe Sixpack Showing Pedro's 17K game in 1999

    Yes, subscribing to The Athletic is well worth it and I'm sure they need the support right now. I have 5 free 30-day guest passes available if anyone wants to try it out. PM me with your email address if interested.
  5. Joe Sixpack

    Women's Soccer

    I signed up for a free trial of CBS all access so I could check this out. Kind of disappointed in that they are offering zero DVR capability for the NWSL games on there - just a live feed only. Due to the scheduling and no DVR on the All Access, it's unlikely I'll be able to watch outside of...
  6. Joe Sixpack

    Womens' Basketball

    Since I'm pretty sick of hearing about how awful the MLB owners have been lately, it's really refreshing to read stuff like this: I just recently started following and watching the WNBA and the level of play is outstanding - it's a fun league and I'm looking forward to this (abbreviated) season.
  7. Joe Sixpack

    MacBook Pro 2020

    Apple will replace it for $129. Given how much of a pain it is to take it apart for a self replacement, I'd recommend just having them do it.
  8. Joe Sixpack

    Upgrade laptop to WQHD: how much would you pay?

    Depends on your eyesight. I currently have a 1080p 13" laptop at 100% scaling and I find everything is still too big. I'd like to go to 1440p at either 13 or 14 inch for my next one and would keep it at 100% (at least until my eyesight starts failing in a few more years).
  9. Joe Sixpack

    MacBook Pro 2020

    I don't think the CPU will make much difference vs last year's, but the new keyboard may be worth it since the older keyboards (butterfly) were very problematic with a high failure rate. They have gone back to the more reliable scissor switch keyboards in 2020.
  10. Joe Sixpack

    Upgrade laptop to WQHD: how much would you pay?

    I don't think I'd by a 1080p laptop at this point, but I also wouldn't want to pay $600 extra for WQHD, so that's a tough one.
  11. Joe Sixpack

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    I think he's right on that point though. There are definitely a lot of people out there that voted for Trump and are just ready to double down and ignore any evidence that contradicts with why they voted for him in the first place -- people don't want to admit they made a mistake.
  12. Joe Sixpack

    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    He definitely didn't say specifically whether he voted Trump or not. Either way it seems like he's admitting it was a mistake if he did, or at least that was my read of what he said. Cross posting here (this was also in V&N): Russillo: You already have your base - the people that voted for...
  13. Joe Sixpack

    Will There Be MLB in 2020?

    With expanded rosters you could easily have a doubleheader once a week and play 7 games/week with a day off. The downside is the overall quality of play will be worse with more of what would have been AAA players getting time in meaningful games.
  14. Joe Sixpack

    Music Library Software Recommendation

    It's been years since I've done this, but ExactAudioCopy (EAC) would automatically pull all the metadata from an online database when ripping a CD. Then use foobar2000 to convert from WAV to FLAC and manage the library - it has great options for bulk convert, keeps the metadata tagging intact...
  15. Joe Sixpack

    Help buying a computer (Windows)

    Honestly chromeos is pretty simple if someone is just doing email, Facebook, etc. There's a chrome icon at the bottom of the screen, you click it, you do whatever you need from the web browser. For a basic user I don't think they'd really notice a difference or run into any issues if that was...
  16. Joe Sixpack

    Mac Security

    As your family's IT guy you shouldn't be surprised by the fact that outside of IT guys/gals and their families, pretty much no one has any clue about keeping user and admin accounts separate.
  17. Joe Sixpack

    Mac Security

    Any more? 99% of people have never done this.
  18. Joe Sixpack

    Ideal Realignment

    The AL "West" is broke with 2 of the 5 teams in the Central time zone, 2 hours offset from the other teams. So the Texas teams have to play loads of division road games at 9pm and likewise, the West teams playing lots of games at 5pm local time. Not ideal for fans of those teams.
  19. Joe Sixpack

    The Last Dance

    On the flip side, though, one NBA star can bring a 20-win team to playoff level, but the same can't be said of an NFL QB. I don't think the Hue Jackson-era Browns make the playoffs with Tom Brady, for example.
  20. Joe Sixpack

    What do the Pats do at 23?

    Agreed. I'll be stunned if a QB isn't drafted somewhere in rounds 3-4 this year. Even if Stidham is a future HOFer they still need another QB.