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  1. thehitcat

    Real Fantasy- Draft

    Some people may say we've been going to the Yaroslavl well too often. Putin's Secret Stash tells those people that they are under surveillance and that they should have minded their own damn business before they were marked for drone strikes...anyway PSS selects 24 year old Yaroslavl native...
  2. thehitcat

    Real Fantasy- Draft

    Shot blocker extraordinaire Ilya Nikolaevich Lyubushkin is half of our third pairing on defense. A Moscow boy Ilya is well known to Vladimir. vechkin-Malkin-Kovalchuk Tarasenko-Kuznetsov-Radulov Prokhorkin -Anisimov-Namestnikov OPEN-OPEN-OPEN Kulikov-Zaitsev Zadorov-Gavrikov OPEN-Lyubushkin...
  3. thehitcat

    June NHL News - we gonna play?

    I'd love it if they didn't end up picking Toronto. All NHL Radio could talk about (other than the Sabres disfunction) was whether or not it would be OK for the Leafs to have their own dressing room.
  4. thehitcat


    Not able to watch. If folks don't mind responding how's the level of play? Early season choppy?
  5. thehitcat

    June NHL News - we gonna play?

    So Eastern Teams in Vegas and Western Teams in Toronto so the home clubs don't derive home ice advantage, right?
  6. thehitcat

    Real Fantasy- Draft

    Left Wing Nikolai Prohorkin Los Angeles Kings another Order of Friendship holder and 2018 Olympian this time from Chelyabinsk which as a fun note is the 7th largest city in Russia with over 1.1 million inhabitants. All good Putin voters I might add. Ovechkin-Malkin-Kovalchuk...
  7. thehitcat

    Real Fantasy- Draft

    Ownership of Putin's Secret Stash is very angry at the number of Russian players being taken by other teams and has designated the players on those teams as defectors. Get used to North America boys your assets are about to get seized back home. PSS's Red Juggernaut picks Right Wing, Vladislav...
  8. thehitcat

    An Homage to Hal Smith

    That's beautiful writing. I didn't actually know that story yet. And the check swing well it's been said better above. Thanks for that.
  9. thehitcat

    Real Fantasy- Draft

    Putin's Secret Stash stays in Yaroslalv to pick Artem Alekseevich Anisimov Center Ottawa Senators. Triple A will be centering our third line.
  10. thehitcat

    Real Fantasy- Draft

    If anyone other that Vladimir was running Putin's Secret Stash I'd apologize for making you all wait... Our next pick is an Order of Friendship honoree and current Columbus Blue Jacket, Yaroslavl's own Vladislav Gavrikov, D Columbus Blue Jackets
  11. thehitcat

    Ideal Realignment

    This really is an amazing realignment especially with the excellent division names. Nice job @Savin Hillbilly . That said @YTF there is a very easy way to get what you want. If/when Tampa completes their transition to Montreal they swap with Philly and head to the Taconic while Philly moves...
  12. thehitcat

    Real Fantasy- Draft

    Sorry for the wait. Picking another Moscow kid despite the stupid haircut Nikita Zadorov, D, Colorado Avalanche Ovechkin-Malkin-Kovalchuk Tarsenko-Kuznetsov-Radulov OPEN-PutiOPEN-OPEN OPEN-OPEN-OPEN Kulikov-Zaitsev Zadorov-OPEN OPEN-OPEN Bobrovsky OPEN
  13. thehitcat

    Real Fantasy- Draft

    Sure maybe he kidnapped his own kids but he's from Moscow and I need to start filling out my blueline so Nikita Zaitsev, D Ottawa Sentators come on down to join Putin's Secret Stash.
  14. thehitcat

    2020 NFL Draft - Rounds 2 & 3 Game Thread

    Flores looks giddy. I think Raekwon's gonna be a player at this level surprised he lasted this long.
  15. thehitcat

    RD2 #5/#37: S Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne

    He was dynamite against Assumption...
  16. thehitcat

    2020 NFL Draft Game Thread

    Love Flores with the BC cap on the table behind him to his right.
  17. thehitcat

    2020 Patriots Draft Prospects

    See to me this means that the other teams consensus is that the Pats will pick Kmet. I think these NFL guys are way more plugged into teams other than the Pats (even Breer) and especially teams that use the common scouting services which the Pats do not. I think that Breer and Jeremiah are...
  18. thehitcat

    2020 NFL: Offseason News and Notes

    Love the powder blues.
  19. thehitcat

    Real Fantasy- Draft

    OK it's time to fill out the blueline. Putin's Secret Stash will start with Lipetsk's own Dmitri Kulikov, D Winnipeg Jets
  20. thehitcat

    Coronavirus Pause Game Thread

    That was amazing. Thank you @The Napkin