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  1. Zomp

    2020 PGA $ League Results, Trash Talk, Game Thread

    Link to standings, power rankings, etc... View: As always, a huge thank you to @Vegas Sox Fan for putting it together. Rosters: 1. @FL4WL3SS - Rory McIlroy, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Corey Conners...
  2. Zomp

    2020 PGA $ League Draft Thread

    The time to draft is upon us. Here are the rules of the draft. I'll follow this post up with the draft order and then a post that outlines the scoring, league rules, and money payouts. 1st person can pick anytime before Thursday morning, but we won't start the timer until Thursday at 9am ET. 1)...
  3. Zomp

    2020 PGA $ League Pre-Draft Thread

    Happy to get this started again. My favorite fantasy league. League rules Stroke Play Scoring: Winner - 15 Playoff Loser - 12 2nd (plus ties) - 10 3rd-5th (plus ties) - 7 6th-10th (plus ties) - 5 11th-25th (plus ties) - 3 25th-cut line (including MDF) - 1 Match Play Scoring: Winner - 15...
  4. Zomp

    Gamethread 11/2-3

    We start with United at Bournemouth.
  5. Zomp

    Manchester United 2019-2020: You'll never win anything with kids

    So Ole has the full time gig, and training and preseason were focused on the teams fitness levels. United are finally implementing a press defensively after Van Gaal and Mourinho methods of sitting back. Incomings at the beginning of the transfer window were great, with AWB and Dan James...
  6. Zomp

    2019 PGA $ League Add/Drop #2

    We have until July 3rd to get this done. As always, if you don't plan on adding and dropping anyone please say so in the thread so we can move it on faster. Players dropped in the first add/drop are eligible to be picked up. The order: 1 @ezemerson - Drops Chris Kirk and adds Max Homa 2...
  7. Zomp

    Gamethread 2/9-2/11

    We begin with United vs Fulham at Craven Cottage. The home team has been on the front foot for the first fifteen minutes, and Ole has opted to rest some key players ahead of the PSG midweek fixture. Pogba puts home the first goal of the game with a lovely weak foot shot that surprised the keeper.
  8. Zomp

    UEFA Champions League - Match Day 6 (Dec 11 & 12)

    LOL at TNT for showing Barca vs Spurs over Liverpool/Napoli. I understand all four teams have something to play for but Barca will be resting players while the latter game should be an all timer.
  9. Zomp

    Gameweek 2 Gamethread

    My son has me up early so I’ll start it. Newcastle vs Cardiff while he eats his eggs. Chelsea Arsenal is the big fixture this week, today at 12:30pm Eastern.
  10. Zomp

    Manchester United 2018/2019: Third Season Voodoo

    United's first game is tonight against Leicester. After a lackluster, but drama filled, off season the club returns with a few new names but only one that is expected to be in the starting 11. The club signed 19 year old right back Diogo Dalot who will be expected to play in cup games and when...
  11. Zomp

    2018 Summer Transfer Extravaganza

    It's a world cup year so expect a lot of transfers to happen before the tournament (if clubs are worried about a player's value rising) and after the tournament. Liverpool had made a nice swift move for Fabinho to shore up their midfield. Big names that are unlikely but possibly moving...
  12. Zomp

    Manchester United 17-18: Dabbing and Billy Dancing

    Mourinho's first year at the club is either a success or failure depending on who you talk to. The truth is obviously somewhere in the middle. The team finished 6th in a year after they brought in 4 new signings and bought the world's most expensive player (for now). The biggest reason for...
  13. Zomp

    2017 PGA $ League ADD/DROP

    Everyone gets to drop one golfer, and add one. Its in the reverse order of the standings. If a player has dropped a golfer that golfer is eligible for pick up. If you aren't dropping or picking anyone up, please state as much when its your turn. I'll be e-mailing, texting, and PMing people...
  14. Zomp


    Here are the rules: 1) This, of course, will be serpentine style. If anyone is unfamiliar with that, it means in the even numbered rounds we go reverse order. So in round one we go 1-20, round two we go 20-1, round three is 1-20 and so forth. 2) I will post the draft order in the next post...
  15. Zomp

    2017 PGA Tour $ League Pre Draft Thread

    Mostly everything will stay the same as last year but I do have a few issues/opinions that need to be addressed. 1. Someone brought up making majors double points since its double the pay out. How does everyone feel about that? I think we always try to model this after the PGA tour so while...
  16. Zomp

    Game Thread 12-31

    im sorry but how in the fuck is that a foul on Zlatan?
  17. Zomp

    The Guardian's Top 100 Players of 2016

    Article was released today with the top 10 to be revealed soon. Looks pretty solid this year. There are a few rankings I disagree with but it appears the top 10 is going to...
  18. Zomp

    2017 January Transfer Window Thread

    Hey Vinho what can you tell me about Lindelof? For United looks like Memphis, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger, and maybe Fellaini will all leave. If that's the case I'd expect a midfielder or two to be brought in.
  19. Zomp

    FIFA 17

    We've mentioned it briefly in the 16 thread but I think a few of us play so this may get more than a few posts. According to reddit the game is playing a little different than the demo. Through balls have been weakened while dribbling feels a bit better. There are a bunch of new features to...
  20. Zomp

    Dumb Bluetooth Speaker Question

    Can I connect multiple bluetooth speakers to my ipad? I'm having a party in a few weeks and would like to place speakers throughout my yard and have them all play the same music.