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  1. trekfan55

    The World Cup Draw Gamethread

    I think this deserves its own thread. It's at 10am EST tomorrow. Lots of acts to precede and follow the draw.
  2. trekfan55

    The Epitaph on the 2017 Season

    Thought it may be better to have a thread where we can talk about what went wrong during the season and the series and what, serious alternatives, can be done to fix issues for 2018 and beyond. Think that there are too many thoughts hanging around other threads and there can be some serious...
  3. trekfan55

    2017 Home Run Derby

    Because new threads are good. This is usually fun.
  4. trekfan55

    Pssssst... 2017

    Something very interesting to start the season off in Arizona. Bumgarner through 5.
  5. trekfan55

    Getting access to my Spotify songs on SD Card

    I have Spotify Premium. I had to change devices and took my sd card to the new device. How do I get Spotify to recognize those songs. I don't want to download them again and have them take double the space in the card. Any help?
  6. trekfan55

    AFC Divisional Game Thread, Pittsburgh at Denver

    Might as well have a separate thread for this one too.
  7. trekfan55

    Help with Outlook 11 for Mac

    I recently downloaded Office 11 for Mac.  Download imported the file from Entourage.   I have a big problem.  The file keeps growing.  Old emails from 3-4 and even 5 years ago keep multiplying.  I delete them all and they come back the next day (sometimes the same day.  I actually see them...
  8. trekfan55

    Is a Windows Phone worth it?

    It's time to buy my teenage daughter a new phone.  I have given up on buying subsidized phones from cellphone operators (don't think it's worth it here in Panama).  She currently has an iPhone 4s, and she does not really want the iphone5 or the 5s.  Recently I bought her a laptop, and she...