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  1. AlNipper49

    2020 MiLB Season cancelled

    I guess it was only a matter of time but just made official. I’m not sure that I would have gone*, but it’s a bummer either way. * in 48 hours I’ll have deluded myself into thinking that I would have gone to 20+ games
  2. AlNipper49

    Broken images

    Many images will be broken for a bit - they're stored on Amazon and Amazon is having a really crappy day for everyone, not just us.
  3. AlNipper49

    Happy 12th Anniversary: The Pizza Throw

    This is perhaps the greatest moment in Sox history.
  4. AlNipper49

    SoSH Upgrade

    We will be upgrading to xenforo 2.0 sometime in the next few months. Development is starting now. Some Q&A: The style/skin WILL change. It'll be something simple and clean. My biggest concern is how we store images. Right now they're all out on a S3 container using a custom plugin that...
  5. AlNipper49

    SoSH Outage

    Sorry for the outage, this was the reply that I got from the data center Power wasn't full restored until maybe 11pm, when I was deep asleep. We should be good to go now though.
  6. AlNipper49

    2018 Raiders: The Process in the West

    My apologies to the two members whose posts that I just inadvertently deleted. I was trying to break a topic out but instead hit delete.
  7. AlNipper49


    Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that if you can please click on our Amazon link before buying stuff for Christmas (or just in general). We store many of our files on Amazon now and the income that we generate from Amazon sales goes directly towards paying these fees. Here is the link in...
  8. AlNipper49

    Was Firing Farrell the right move?

    To discuss go here ==> This is for a simple poll of SoSH to see what folks think. THIS THREAD IS FOR VOTING ONLY. This poll will be closed in 48 hours.
  9. AlNipper49

    powershell help

    I don't know powershell at all, nor am I a programmer. This is for sosh so I figured I'd ask here. Every night I pull down a database backup of sosh. I'd like to write a powershell script that will return the hours since the last file appeared in that directory, which I can then pipe into my...
  10. AlNipper49


    I configured us to (mostly) use https today. There may be some problems with it, if there are then clearing your browser cache will be the first thing to try. I'm not done yet, but we're most of the way there.
  11. AlNipper49

    Report: Bruins sign Pastrnak - 6 years, $40 million ($6.6667 AAV)
  12. AlNipper49

    Goodbye MS Paint

    This will be the worst announcement in the storied life of @TomRicardo
  13. AlNipper49

    Heuristic Search for e-mails

    I have a client who has a problem, he came to me for the answer and I don't even know where to point him in the right direction. He has a large amount of people's names and their cities. He has also a database of e-mail addresses. He's not looking to spam them, but his business is one that...
  14. AlNipper49

    Alert: Mobile app updating

    Hi! I'm updating the mobile app which WILL APPEAR AS A NEW APP IN THE PLAY/APP STORES. I do not know when this will happen because both Google and Apple do not say when it will happen. There may be a period of time when neither app works (we are only allowed one site active at a time) but I...
  15. AlNipper49

    Falcon's Fan First Concession Pricing

    Pretty awesome - thoughts?
  16. AlNipper49

    Repair iPhone Screen?

    Has anyone here bought one of those kits to restore iphone screens? I just cracked mine for the third time (I know...) and instead of replacing it again I just bought a new damn screen. I now have a 6S that I'd like to be able to use as a backup phone, but it's not worth the time and hassle...
  17. AlNipper49

    Site Work

    I hate to give such a broad window but sometime today, Friday or Saturday I need to take the site down for about three hours. The server we are on has a bad hard drive and need to move the data off to a new server. The issue is that since the server is so large that I'll only be able to move...
  18. AlNipper49

    Site down

    No idea why the site was just down, but it's back up after a reboot. I think we should be OK.
  19. AlNipper49

    Joe Kelly's Win Streak

    Joe Kelly is 14-0 with a 3.82 ERA since Aug. 1, 2015. This matches him with the longest Red Sox win streak in modern history with Clemens' historic 1986 run.
  20. AlNipper49

    Role of Marco Hernandez

    They were talking about this during the game yesterday and browsing through the sites this morning there have been a few articles written on his role. Farrell likes him a ton but he unfortunately hits from the same side of the plate as Holt and Rutledge. He could be trade fodder, but at this...