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  1. Twalk

    Credit where credit is due: who is responsible for the Red Sox success this century?

    Dave Roberts baby! Bookends to the run. The Steal in 2004 and his help managing the losers in 2018.. Kidding. Sort of.
  2. Twalk

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    I live in Dodger country. There is some real pressure. Its nothing like Boston. The weather is way too nice for LA fans to get as passionate as fans in cold weather places with a team that has been dissected and talked about winter after winter for generations. The pressure is ready to...
  3. Twalk

    Mr. Chemistry

    His post has some aspects of the way AA or even some therapists would tell you to approach life and a job only its missing major pieces of the pie (appropriate for T-Day). Saying a spiritual life is more meaningful than entertainment or in this case his job is fine. However he is missing...
  4. Twalk

    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    AB is a big load for Kraft to handle at his age. Kraft strikes me as someone who will make his decision and then let someone younger take a more hands on approach to relieve him from the stress.
  5. Twalk

    2019 WS - Nationals vs. Astros - Gamethread

    Manny Machado'd. Back to back world series with the final pitch putting the final batter on his knee! Couldn't have happened to two better teams. Like last year a bit better but i'll take it :)
  6. Twalk

    Josh Gordon Suspended Indefinitely for Substance Violation (Again)

    Really a huge challenge for his recovery. I've been in residential treatment since June 15th. Transferred to sober living on Monday. One of the reasons for the extra support in sober living is for rotator cuff surgery next week. I know that a huge part of my recovery is getting exercise and...
  7. Twalk

    Ping Pong Luck: If not the Celtics...

    My asshole neighbor (I live in Santa Barbara which is Lakers country) is yelling about the lakers adding the #4 pick in a trade is now going to swing Davis to the Lakers. I really need to get more land and not have neighbors living in SoCal
  8. Twalk

    Machado to Padres for 10 years, 300M, opt-out halfway through

    Manny Machado just signed the largest sports deal in US history. And Donald Trump is president. USA. Where character counts.
  9. Twalk

    Josh Gordon stepping away from football "for a bit"

    Horrible to hear. I can't even imagine the battle he will face now with the anxiety, depression, cravings that will only get worse most likely having his career finished in the NFL. I only hope that some of his mental health issues come from the stress of playing on the professional level, the...
  10. Twalk

    Cousins signs 1-year deal with Warriors

    Golden State signs the Harlem Globetrotters to come off the bench when up 20.
  11. Twalk

    Red Sox name Tony LaRussa vice president/special assistant to Dombrowski

    Hey Belichick said he has learned a lot for La Russa. That has to count for something :) “Tony’s been a great friend,” Belichick told reporters. “Buzz Bissinger, who wrote (La Russa’s) book (“Three Nights in August”), and I went to high school together, so we have some mutual friends. It’s...
  12. Twalk

    Fire Cora! Cora! Cora!

    Never listened well to upper management. Look at him day dreaming about being in the World Series
  13. Twalk

    NBA trade season

    apologize to derail the trade topic but figured this might be interesting to some. My friend trains Korver in Santa Barbara. You couldn't meet a nicer guy that has a more insane training regiment. For fun Korver and a few other guys do what is called a "Misogi" at least once a year. Cool...
  14. Twalk

    WS Game 7: A Curse Dies and a Curse Continues

    I'll pull for the Cubs if Madden will put Munenori Kawasaki in
  15. Twalk

    Thank You, David Ortiz

    The 2004 Red Sox were the last team my grandfather and I watched together. He passed shortly before 2005 Spring Training. My grandfather called me from the nursing home he was in when the Sox swept the Cards. Him on the east coast and me 3,000 miles away and homesick. He was sobbing and...
  16. Twalk

    Is it safe to discuss John Farrell again?

    Ship Dombrowski back to Detroit for Mike Aviles and then flip Aviles to Cleveland for their manager. I feel like that guy would be a good fit on this team.
  17. Twalk

    2016 NBA Draft Game Thread

    I keep replaying Bogaerts walk off. It's helping me deal with the nauseous feeling every time think about Silver announcing the pick. Then I remember dropping 3/4 to the other Sox and I get depressed again
  18. Twalk

    2016 NBA Draft Game Thread

    "In the stats-only portion of Kevin Pelton's draft projections model, Brown ranked an impossibly low 101st among all draft-eligible prospects with a WARP (wins above replacement player) of minus-0.5. While a decent number of players have been taken in the first-round teens and 20s with a...