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  1. shoebooty

    2016 Colts: Always a Banner Year

    The killer is that this POS lives right here in New England and has for about the last 15 years. Sleeping with the enemy indeed.
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    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    Tim Tebow has turned to baseball. Sorry.
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    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    Thanks for the help on getting logged in again. The two step verification system kept booting me out. I also can not see other crap.
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    NFL best players by Uni number (per Mitchell & Ness)

    I'll agree my homerism came out with Jerome combined with the fact such a despicable player like Sapp made the cut. As for Watt he's already been a 3x Pro Bowl selection in his first 3 years so he's about halfway to Sapp's total and with his average numbers I agree that it is safe to expect...
  5. shoebooty

    NFL best players by Uni number (per Mitchell & Ness)

    #99 Jerome Brown or JJ Watt are better picks but of course the NFL uses their fall guy. Also #23 LOL! Brady should change his number to 23 just for trolling purposes.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    When this story started to drag on I began to wonder if it would slowly kill a little piece of Patriots fans. Nearly everywhere people were just killing the Patriots reminding us about Spygate and being recidivist. Little by little pieces kept falling but while fans were losing the battle...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    The NFL will regret this decision. Instead of letting this story die like it should have before it got out of hand it will now bleed into the next 2 years of drafts and will be disussed in all draft talk for 3 years. So the talk that will resonate in one of the league's annual marquee events...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Fun fact. Grigson lives in Rhode Island so the Patriots truly are sleeping with the enemy. His neighbors think the world of him but I'd bet that will all change soon. Maybe living so close to greatness without achieving it himself was the catalyst.
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    Superbowl Introduction Song?

    She blinded me with science.
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    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    This was a legitimate beef with Ellen. One of the kids from the Jimmy Fund telethon wanted to meet her. They raised money to get accommodations made to fly him out to meet her while they reached out to her representatives to arrange the meeting. But when the kid got there it wasn't on her...
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    2014 NBA Draft Thread (No Spoilers You Clowns)

    So with this draft the C's got young and smart. No other teams can say that
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    Browns fired Lombardi/Banner, promote Farmer to GM, went after Jim Harbaugh?

    Farmer giving his blessing on hiring Pettine while Lombardi and Banner were still holding their titles is beyond bizarre. Must've really been an awkward couple of weeks walking around those offices. There is now enough evidence to suggest that to be a pro team owner having money is the only...
  14. shoebooty

    Browns fired Lombardi/Banner, promote Farmer to GM, went after Jim Harbaugh?

    They hired Pettine with not Lombardi or Banner being the final management say but Farmer having that decision or they let Lombardi and Banner hire Pettine, then fire them. Either way it paints a franchise in disarray. The NFL should always sit Irsay and Haslam together at every ownership...
  15. shoebooty

    Browns fired Lombardi/Banner, promote Farmer to GM, went after Jim Harbaugh?

    So hire your new head coach then hire your GM. Why not? It worked so well the last time you used that approach with the coach and GM you just fired. Cleveland being Cleveland
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    Hot Stove Transactions

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    Aaron Hernandez charged with 1st degree murder; released by Patriots

    CNN reporting all Hernandez gear taken from Pro Shop will be available in the Cedar Junction commissary by tomorrow. Jerseys going for 2 cartons of cigs.
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    2013 Jets: Rex back for 2014

    To see the Jets go from the enigma that is Sanchez straight to a rookie with an inflated ego is delicious. In New York where everything gets weeded out and dissected these reports if true will be sports gold.
  19. shoebooty

    Game 7 - Bruins @ Canucks - Protect the Civic

    Dear Mayor Menino. Go ahead and shut down the bars. After 2nd period all Boston bars should serve complimentary Ale...Ginger Ale because after tonight Canada is still gonna be dry.
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    Mut and Merloni

    Mut kept embarrassing himself today when early in the show he kept referring to Max Pacioretty as Max Paccerelli. Guess Lou isn't as knowledgeable as he thinks he is as he did not correct him. This went on for over an hour.