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  1. VTSox

    Pete Rose petitioning MLB for reinstatement

    He asked for the ban, in exchange for stopping the investigation. So it's hard to say if his punishment is disproportionate, since there were no findings... at his request.
  2. VTSox

    Yawkey Way now Jersey St again

    From the article, sounds like it's a Boston-specific rule. Not sure if there's actually any law backing it up.
  3. VTSox

    Fenway Tour: Worth It?

    I've taken 3-4 tours, and seems like I've gotten slightly different routes each time and see different things. I'd go again.
  4. VTSox

    Yawkey Way now Jersey St again

    The billionaire owner of the biggest tourist draw in New England has no say about the name of the street on which it's located?
  5. VTSox

    Goodbye MS Paint

    Most of the time, yes. If I'm trying to show instructions or something and want the mouse pointer or tool-tip popups to show, I still use paint. Although, I then generally use the snipping tool from Paint.
  6. VTSox

    Photo aggregating and purging

    Lightroom will. I think Photoshop Elements does also
  7. VTSox

    Unusual plays

    Probably because Graveman made the tag on Pennington. No need for a call
  8. VTSox

    Overtime Rules

    First team scores a TD - up by 7 Second team goes 3 and out First team then has to score again to get a win? Or... First team scores TD, up 7 Second team then scores a TD, but misses extra point Does 1st team win by 1, or does the game continue since it didn't end on a scoring play?
  9. VTSox

    MLB to experiment starting runner at 2B in extras in the minors (rookie league)

    Why don't they just start any extra-inning games an hour earlier? (still a better idea than ghost-runner on 2nd)
  10. VTSox

    2017 MLB HOF ballot released

    Rose negotiated his eligibility away
  11. VTSox

    Dave Henderson has passed away

    That's an understatement. I was a Sox fan before, but if there's one game that hooked me for life, that was it. I had a few school activities that day and I remember following it on TV or radio at three or four different places. I still remember a friend walking into the room early in the...
  12. VTSox

    File storage and back-up solutions

    Since there seems to be no end of the SOSH collective knowledge, I figured I'd toss this out here. I imagine it's a fairly straightforward answer, but I'm not sure of the best options. Currently, I'm using OneDrive, which just syncs everything from the OD folder on my computer to my OD cloud...
  13. VTSox

    NASCAR 2015

    Interesting that of the 4 drivers remaining eligible for the championship, two have only 1 win each, and one missed a dozen races. Meanwhile, a 6-race winner, and two 5-race winners are field fillers. I thought all the chase changes were supposed to increase the value of winning. Makes me...
  14. VTSox

    Ortiz 500 career homers this year?

      Dropping 25-30 pounds or so probably helped also.
  15. VTSox

    Let's discuss Papi's HoF chances

    My mind was made up about the time Torii Hunter hit the dirt in the bullpen.     Not that my vote counts.
  16. VTSox

    Ortiz 500 career homers this year?

      You're right... I missed that point also.
  17. VTSox

    Ortiz 500 career homers this year?

    521 (or 522) seems pretty reachable with 1 more season
  18. VTSox

    Ortiz 500 career homers this year?

    Quick back of the envelope projection... he has 23 in 111 games, which puts him at 33.57.  He entered the year with 466, so... yeah, it'll be close.   He's hit 34 or more 5 times, including last season.  At least it'll be something to watch and fill seats at Fenway.
  19. VTSox

    Pedey, Trade deadline, HOF

    He has to get through the 2016 season to even appear on the ballot.  He's under contract for 6 more seasons, after which he'll still have 5 fewer seasons than Jeter, although as mentioned, that's not a ideal comparison anyway.   I love the guy and hope he plays in Boston for another decade, but...
  20. VTSox

    Should Pete Rose be reinstated?

      Depending on how you look at it, the ban isn't directly a punishment for gambling.  He negotiated for the ban in exchange for having the investigation dropped, without an determination or finding being made.     Based on his play, he's worthy of being in the Hall.  But I voted against...