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  1. LoneWarrior1

    Gone Brady Gone

    If Bill tells Tom "he would spend more time with him on the inner workings of the Patriots, including roster construction and salary-cap management" ... might he change his mind & come back? It's worked before.
  2. LoneWarrior1

    2019-20 Providence College Hoops: Just Add Shooting

    I feel like an 8/9 seed could be the kiss of death for the Friars. The program could really use a jump into the 2nd weekend of tournament play after so many 0fers in prior tournament play. Just 'getting in" is nice, but the early exits may be stimying the growth of the recruiting pool. I think...
  3. LoneWarrior1

    The AAA Sox Stadium Thread: Where Ever They May Roam

    I’m $ure that Worce$ter & the $tate will be able to provide them with $ome rea$ons to cro$$ the border.
  4. LoneWarrior1

    Patriots vs. Titans Divisional Playoff: The Buildup

    A tradition unlike any other... In reality, some of the divisional games have been close, but the Pats have had more than their fair share of blowouts in these games.
  5. LoneWarrior1

    Toucher and Rich --- Everyone Else Has Some Work To Do

    Bertrand & Hardy were in this morning. Bertrand is in the T&R slot the rest of the week. Management must not be happy with with the regular fill-ins like Flynn in one of the drive-time slots or they've got a short bench this week.
  6. LoneWarrior1

    Hayward to Boston...Really, We Mean It

    I was surprised by how few reports there have been today about the visit and who was involved. Don't know what, if anything, to make of the limited news.
  7. LoneWarrior1

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    The Nantucket comment, to me, is sent Felger into orbit. I think Nantucket has been Sports Hub code for the aforementioned "trust fund" and why Felger felt the need to yell about working his ass off. Not sure what the logistics were with Felger's family and his wife having help, but it would...
  8. LoneWarrior1

    Collins traded to Cleveland per Schefter

    This was my line of thinking, too. I'm far from an expert, but the many video clips of Belichick stressing the "Do Your Job" mantra keeps coming to mind. Perhaps the videos showed that Collins had been taking too many liberties, not making enough "plays" when taking those liberties and may...
  9. LoneWarrior1

    Celtics 16/17 Roster and Assets

    I read that as Beck speculating based on two separate pieces of information. 1. Westbrook is likely to be traded soon and 2. The Celtics have the best collection of assets. It doesn't seem to me that he has any info that the Cs and Thunder have discussed any parameters. Feels more like a...
  10. LoneWarrior1

    The Durant Sweepstakes

    Thought that tweet was in reference to Horford, the former Florida Gator. Reading the tea leaves becomes more difficult, but the anticipation and hope is as high as it been.
  11. LoneWarrior1

    Contract Extensions for Ainge and Stevens

    I'm happy with this news. I am curious how this is different from when an NCAA coach gets another mult-year extension when he has 2+ years on his contract. It doesn't always prevent them from leaving before the extension kicks in. Is it mostly symbolic & financial than a reflection of ones...
  12. LoneWarrior1

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Porter grabbed one of the Bengals by the jersey and Jones came in after and pushed him. Somebody needs to get Nantz and Sims their own fainting couches.
  13. LoneWarrior1

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Now Big Ben is coming back into the game?
  14. LoneWarrior1

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Wouldn't you want KC heading to Denver vs. A Big Ben-les PGH heading there instead? Think KC is playing much better than Cinci right now & would rather the Pats face them in the Divisional.
  15. LoneWarrior1

    Wild Card Weekend Game Thread

    Annnnd Burfict returns the favor...If Ben's shoulder is fucked, we have to start rooting for hard for Cincy. No way Steelers can beat Denver w/o Big Ben.
  16. LoneWarrior1

    Edelman has a Jones fracture in his foot; could be back this season; many fans rendered humorless

    While this is really lousy news, its the best case of a bad scenario. Also, long-term it could help the club as it gives some players great opportunities for expanded roles and development. If White or Dobson can find grow, we'll be even more dangerous come playoff time. Not saying that either...
  17. LoneWarrior1

    Charles Steinberg to be named president of Pawtucket

    Tamburro as vice-char? Good lord. They're paying lip service to Mondor, but moving the heart of it out of One Mondor Way.
  18. LoneWarrior1

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Is it possible that the response and filing occurred simultaneously? Only the NFL knew when the report would be released so I'm not sure how the NFLPA could have been better prepared.