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  1. Tangled Up In Red

    Tottenham Hotspur 2019-20: Jose can you see?

    As usual, Serge was directly responsible for one of the goals. Result notwithstanding, good to see Tanguy get a little run. The potential is so visible!
  2. Tangled Up In Red

    dirtynine's Digest - The Thread for Kits

    Nowhere near Iceland, but I actually like this Spurs 4th kit for nest season (surprised I hadn't already posted): Based on Nike Air Max 95
  3. Tangled Up In Red

    Tottenham Hotspur 2019-20: Jose can you see?

    Brunt of the blame for the pen goes on Dier, for sure, but he was putting in a MoTM performance up to that point. I think it was not only an acceptable decision, but a glimmer of hope for both player and club.
  4. Tangled Up In Red

    Rest in Peace, dcmissile

    SoSH is a part of my family and dcmissle was a big part of that. Sad for his family and sad for this family. He will be missed.
  5. Tangled Up In Red

    Flowers for Rashford

    Hoping for a loss on Friday, then all the world of future successes for young Mr Rashford. Talented player, great man. If the Three Lions boast a front three of Rashford, Sterling and Kane, they have three top class humans leading the charge.
  6. Tangled Up In Red

    Bigger Cog in the Yankee Dynasty...

    I lean Mo, but Bernie was my first thought, as well.
  7. Tangled Up In Red

    Mookie Betts 2020 FA Watch

    Have there been any studies or examples of healthy players (other than, say, Teddy Ballgame) missing a full season with no health issues? Not throwing a competitive pitch, would it really burn a season of Kershaw's prime? Or just push that period out another year. Or some 75% approximation...
  8. Tangled Up In Red

    Live sports are back!!

    I'm guessing broadcast. It's being done quite well, mind you. Chanting most of the time, some whistles and boos on back passes and claps for exceptional play. Must be fun to DJ.
  9. Tangled Up In Red

    dirtynine's Digest - The Thread for Kits

    Good place to mention: Harry Kane purchased the shirt sponsorship for Leyton Orient (where he made his pro debut). Dontaing the sponsorships to 3 charities, who will receive part of the proceeds from shirt sales. Class act, Harry.
  10. Tangled Up In Red

    Embedded Twitter videos not playing

    What worked for me in Firefox was to disable enhanced tracking protection for SoSH. From within SoSH, click on the shield icon to the left of the url. Top option is to disable for this site. Did the trick. Could probably be a little more surgical and leave it on, disabling only twitter in the...
  11. Tangled Up In Red

    Embedded Twitter videos not playing

    Recently on Firefox, embedded Twitter videos have stopped playing for me. I click on the play arrow and the whole tweet disappears. I can play embedded youtube vids and can play the twitter videos on Twitter. Any ideas?
  12. Tangled Up In Red

    Tottenham Hotspur 2019-20: Jose can you see?

    Really good look at Ndombele (are we allowed to post full articles?) Analysing Tanguy Ndombele’s difficult first season at Tottenham From The Athletic By Charlie Eccleshare & Tom Worville When Mousa Dembele left Tottenham in January 2019, it took Tottenham just six months to find the man they...
  13. Tangled Up In Red

    Who was Mickey Mantle?

    Just a chance to post his namesake of a song, written/performed by a true baseball fan. View:
  14. Tangled Up In Red

    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Cincinnati drops men's soccer. I hope this isn't a trend, but fear it may be.
  15. Tangled Up In Red

    Football Manager 2020

    This should be cross-posted in the up-down-left... forum, but apparently Football Manager 2020 is free for the next 6 days. As I understand it, this is the premier club management simulation (I don't even know if you actually play games), from training to recruitment to tactics and strategy...
  16. Tangled Up In Red

    2020 youth sports what are leagues doing

    From SF Rec & Park (about 33 minutes ago): All San Francisco Youth Baseball League (SFYBL) games and practices are cancelled through March 31. The remainder of the Indoor Soccer League season is cancelled, including games. scheduled for March 15 and March 22 Summer day camp registration...
  17. Tangled Up In Red

    Post your favorite March Madness memories in here

    11 y/o me was so stunned and sad. Phi Slamma Jamma :(