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  1. VORP Speed

    Non-revenue college sports thread

    It's not dying from coronavirus, but it's absolutely a real impact that is tough to watch when it's your kid. I think it's especially difficult given how dedicated kids have to be to their sport these days to play at a high level. When I was in high school, you just played a sport in season and...
  2. VORP Speed

    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Curious to find out what that means for training. There’s no intercollegiate competition, but can teams still practice? Can athletes use team facilities? Use the gym?
  3. VORP Speed

    Baseball Is Broken (off the field/labor relations etc.)

    Top 3 AL records for the entire decade of the 2010's....1. NYY 2. BOS 3. Rays
  4. VORP Speed

    2020 Hiatus News, Rumors, Trades

    I guess you were right to pass on my offer to give him to you for Gleyber and Sheffield
  5. VORP Speed

    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Brown was a men’s crew powerhouse when Gladstone was the coach in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Many national titles, the best program in the country over almost a decade. They’re still consistently in the grand final (top 6) at IRAs every year. Women’s crew probably has more national titles than...
  6. VORP Speed

    (When) Will the Season Start?

    I’m in the same boat as you in terms of the amount of mental energy going to baseball these days, but will be an interesting topic once we have the parameters of roster size/flexibility, how many doubleheaders, etc. I’ll start the thread when a plan is finalized.
  7. VORP Speed

    (When) Will the Season Start?

    If the season becomes about the best 40 players instead of the best 25, there may be a new favorite in the AL East.
  8. VORP Speed

    Who was Mickey Mantle?

    One of my father’s closest friends from high school somewhat randomly ended up becoming good friends with The Mick in the last 7 or 8 years of his life. He ran a video production company and worked with Mantle on a documentary about the members of the 500 home run club, and that turned into a...
  9. VORP Speed

    John Krasinski and David Ortiz surprise health care workers with Red Sox tickets for life

    Krasinski is crushing it with this show. The bit he did last week with Lin-Manuel Miranda and the original Hamilton cast is worth checking out, if you haven’t seen it.
  10. VORP Speed

    Strat-O-Matic season simulation- We win the opener!

    The losing streak is over because they stopped playing the Rays, who stratomatic seems to be rightly recognizing as the best team in MLB for 2020!!
  11. VORP Speed

    2020 Bucs: TB12 in TB20 - How Far Do They Go? Some inside scoop stuff from Bucs side. Sounds like Brady recruited them.
  12. VORP Speed

    Gone Brady Gone

    SOSH has experts on everything, even Tampa mob history
  13. VORP Speed

    Gone Brady Gone

    Tampa hasn’t put one over on Boston like this since Trafficante had JFK whacked.
  14. VORP Speed

    2019-2020 Duke/UNC/ACC Hoops

    UVA remains defending national champion for another year
  15. VORP Speed

    Sports Impact of Coronavirus COVID19

    Ivy League is planning to seek a waiver to grant an extra year of eligibility to all spring sport athletes who just had their season canceled.
  16. VORP Speed

    Sports Impact of Coronavirus COVID19

    The Rays have been training for this situation for the last decade and are fully prepared.
  17. VORP Speed

    2019-2020 Duke/UNC/ACC Hoops

    Yep. I should have noted that if the other team really sucks then the game might be in the 40s, as we saw with UVA 46 Miami 44 earlier in the week.
  18. VORP Speed

    2019-2020 Duke/UNC/ACC Hoops

    Doesn’t matter whether UVA is playing Charlottesville High or the Celtics, will be a 3 point game in the 50s. I wouldn’t want to be a top seed facing them on the first weekend of the tournament. Tony B is a wizard.
  19. VORP Speed

    How will the Sox do in 2020?

    93 wins, 2nd WC. Lose a heartbreaker WC game in the Bronx. Sox will score lots of runs, Sale will do better than expected as his starts are more tightly managed...80-90 pitch outings keep him fresher later in the year. They’ll figure out some opener/bulk guy combos and folks here will be shocked...
  20. VORP Speed

    2020 Rays: Go, Tsutsu, Go!!

    Yoshi already has a special homerun celebration move.