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  1. cardiacs

    07/31 vs. Bucks aka Starting The Short Road to #18

    I am going to go out on a limb and say it's within the rules to start a thread for the next game now, considering technically the game with the Bucks should have happened already. Please vent on how miserable you are with no NBA here - hopefully in 30 days we will be able to use this for an...
  2. cardiacs

    3/10 @ Indiana

    I am tired of the Coronavirus and I am tired of the Celtics looking like a tier C playoff team. No Jaylen, but we were finding ways to win all season with 1-3 of the top 5 guys on the sidelines. Enes Kanter needs to wake up and be useful again. in short - WIN
  3. cardiacs

    1/9 76ers

    Rebound with a win please.
  4. cardiacs

    2017 Celtics Offseason: News and General Discussion

    Didn't see anywhere to put below so started a new thread. Suggest not to post any draft-related stuff here until after draft night.
  5. cardiacs

    2016-2017 Celtics Predictions

    Just wanted to get an idea of how everyone feels about this year. I think the Celtics will win a few more games than their projection due to better than expected contributions from younger players. Wins: 53 Most Improved: Rozier 6th Man: Smart MVP: Horford Playoffs: Lose ECF
  6. cardiacs

    2014-15 Trade Deadline Thread

    I didn't see a Jeff Green thread in the first few pages or a trade deadline thread... Story going online now: ESPN sources say Grizzlies, looking to bolster wing rotation, are pursuing trade for either Luol Deng or Jeff Green — Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) January 8, 2015
  7. cardiacs

    Graphing a 3D surface with a webtool

    Not sure if this belongs in TBLTS but here goes.    I am trying to make a simple 3D surface as a mockup for a presentation next week and I am having a hard time creating it. This used to be second nature for me when I was in school but I am out of practice and also don't know where the good...
  8. cardiacs

    Will Paul Pierce Come Back to Boston?     I think this is threadworthy. Of course it would be a windfall for the Celtics and Ainge would look like a hero, but is it in the best interests of the Celtics to...