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  1. Hildy

    Toddler skates

    We also liked using adjustable skates during the rapid foot-growth years.
  2. Hildy


    Chatting with Cathy and Bob was always a Bash highlight, and I am deeply sorry to read this news. He was just himself, a nonpigeonhole-able person. There are all too few folks like that around. Sending love.
  3. Hildy

    Offseason game thread

    Re: pricing. Wellesley residents are supposed to get discount prices, since it’s town-owned land. I remain skeptical, but am crossing my fingers. PSK, I live about five minutes away as well. This is the old St James church property that was in litigation for years. It’s going to have the...
  4. Hildy

    Offseason game thread

    FWIW, we have a brand-new sports center opening in July with two rinks...the lockers have to be an improvement over Malden....
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    Agree. But does PSK still have the Civic? Do we need to rent a lawn chair and a Civic and send him north?
  6. Hildy

    Game 2 - Bruins v. Blues

  7. Hildy

    The Washington Redskins cheerleaders and a trip from hell

    I could not agree more wholeheartedly. Which is why I hated that thread on this board about two months ago devoted to ogling world-class women athletes. It all sucks.
  8. Hildy

    The Washington Redskins cheerleaders and a trip from hell

    I'm missing your point here--in no way was I trying to assign importance. Both things suck. Yes, exactly this. Having said that, I hate the concept of cheerleading, despite how much work and effort and athleticism it takes. It's kind of awful. In all seriousness, have her try martial arts...
  9. Hildy

    The Washington Redskins cheerleaders and a trip from hell

    I think it varies. One of the articles describes the Saints paying the cheerleaders $14.75 an hour, which is more than minimum wage in Louisiana. (I may not have the numbers right here--I've used up my NYT articles for the month reading this stuff and can't go back to check.) Meanwhile...
  10. Hildy

    The Washington Redskins cheerleaders and a trip from hell

    I was just debating whether to add this to the "Men Behaving Badly" thread. There is a lot more to the NFL cheerleading situation than the Redskins story, which is, indeed, appalling. The NYT is running a series on how NFL cheerleaders are treated. It's not surprising, and it is horrifying. I...
  11. Hildy

    The Nation's Tears: Volume II

    See, now this is an important question left unanswered. What was the movie? Was it this one?
  12. Hildy

    Bobby Doerr dies at 99

    This makes me unaccountably sad. Like Nip, I read the stories of him caring for his wife. Added to the story of his friendships told in the Teammates, and he seemed like the kind of man I hope my son grows up to be like. (That was a very involved sentence...)
  13. Hildy

    Thoughts about media types who don't have their own threads

    Chris Gasper namechecks BBtL--I was amused. Pertinent quote: "That’s what this game was about for the Patriots, finding a way to win when confronted with a quarterback with a Super Bowl ring and a...
  14. Hildy

    NFL to reopen the investigation on Josh Brown

    It's even worse--the whole thing makes a lot of money for retailers, and not a whole lot goes to actual breast cancer research.
  15. Hildy

    Thank You, David Ortiz

    To paraphrase A.A. Milne: "How lucky we are to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." Three titles. 20 walk offs. This is our f**king city. So grateful to have been here for the ride. It's going to take a while to get used to a lineup with no Ortiz in it.
  16. Hildy

    Joe Posnanski: your new Senior Writer for SI (Not No More, He Ain't)

    Watching a young friend and her family deal with the same diagnosis; it is amazing how unerringly he chose the details that punch home the pain and confusion of this diagnosis.
  17. Hildy

    It Comes in Threes: Ron Brace Reportedly Dead

    He was apparently one of the coaches on my son's track team, according to an email I got this weekend. They had a team meeting in Monday and the coaches told the kids that it was heart-related.
  18. Hildy

    Troubleshooting a 3DS

    I wasn't sure whether to put this in the gaming thread or here, but it's hardware so opted for here. Can anybody recommend tips for troubleshooting 3DS? Just purchased for Christmas so I may look into returning it, but figured it was worth asking. The problem is that it suddenly started j...
  19. Hildy

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    I am avoiding a very tedious task. More tedious than scrolling through the first 20 pages of this thread, which should tell you something. So: Kravitz kicked it off early Jan 19 with a bunch of tweets breaking the story. Things were dying down until Mortenson tweet on 1/20 (post #1074) The...
  20. Hildy

    Shit I Like About the Upgrade

    I love that I can see page numbers under each thread title, very helpful. Very much appreciate all the work. We should send cookies in appreciation. Or bourbon. Maybe a kitten.