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  1. pk1627

    Would you feel safe attending a game at Fenway tonight?

    I asked for and received a full refund on the season ticket in Pavillion. Too tight; no vaccine. However, i think they may work out a decent protocol in EMC, and would attend after asking questions.
  2. pk1627

    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    Boo hoo for the billionaires. Honor your guarantees. If you decide you can’t afford it, cancel the season. Frankly, we’ll survive. (Which is what they really should be worried about).
  3. pk1627

    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    I'll take the refund. My worst case scenario was somehow these games would be rescheduled in the freeze of the late Fall. 10% isn't enough to take on all the uncertainty and I can't imagine feeling comfortable enough in 2020 to attend a game (hope I'm wrong). Good year to reset the cap and get...
  4. pk1627

    (When) Will the Season Start?

    Couple of NY fans are less patient than me. Suing MLB for refunds.
  5. pk1627

    Red Sox Greatest Bunt

    Mientkewitz put down a nice bunt for an insurance run in 2004 ALDS. I remember appreciating it. Made the score 9-3, so not a huge moment in sports history.
  6. pk1627

    (When) Will the Season Start?

    MLB needs to set a timetable for addressing this. They have our money and it’s starting to feel like they have no intention of giving it back. I’d like some portion of the season to be played to reset the cap. But at this point I’d MUCH prefer to simply watch on tv. I have some hope (though...
  7. pk1627

    Tickets go on sale Friday: How excited are you about the 2020 Red Sox?

    Well, here's some data. OD tickets are currently on sale and plenty are left after 2 hours. I bought OD tickets yesterday. To me, this seems a lot like 2013 where the team has some some good offense despite trading a marquee player. Pitching seemed thin back then too, and they then proceeded to...
  8. pk1627

    Our ownership group

    Boston is my home and I love it. However, it is a provincial place that inherently distrusts outsiders. JHenry trying to build empathy citing his love for Musial just won’t fly. And the fact that he’s right about the Betts trade is downright infuriating to this crowd. Last year sucked, the Sox...
  9. pk1627

    Bullpen Analytics and the Three-Batter Rule

    A weary nation turns its eyes to your nethers
  10. pk1627

    Thank you David Price

    It surprised the hell out of me to hear that Gordon Hayward has a higher salary than Price. He was our best playoff pitcher in 2018 and 2017. Great team player. Lightening rod for the Boston media. I doubt he stays healthy for much of the next 3 years, so I'm ok with the salary dump. But he...
  11. pk1627

    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    This. Essentially got two young players with significant upside and gave up 3-4 months of Mookie. I liked Price more than most, but the next 3 are not pretty. resets are tough. This one may be one of the easier ones. Still a ton of offense on the team and pitching was/is always the issue.
  12. pk1627

    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    Francona. What a terrible Sept that was 2011.
  13. pk1627

    Who will be the next manager?

    My vote is Roenicke for the year. Unless something amazing happens, you're not going to get more than an interim manager this year at this date. Next year two great managers may be available: Hinch and Cora And yeah I think MLB is just trying to protect the business. Blame it all on a bench...
  14. pk1627

    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread: NFCCG

    Looks like the league wants Boston-LA
  15. pk1627

    May The Best Team Win...

    Why don’t we just settle all games by a poll, since the actual results are so arbitrary? Of course the 2013 Sox were better. The Tigers gave up two (2) late grand slams, and made late errors in both of those games to lose. That is some poor playing.
  16. pk1627

    High-Class Problems: Worst Blunders of the Henry Era

    Not sure why a particular trade or signing should be on the ownership. They hire a GM and let him do his job. Henry has spent some money but this team has a preponderance of homegrown talent. He upgraded Fenway, hired some really talented GM's, and won 4 WS titles in 17 years. That's...
  17. pk1627

    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

    Nothing will top that week in 2004. Ever. That aside, this is the best Red Sox team I’ve ever seen (which started in 67). No doubt. Complete team. Incredible manager. Great pitching. Relentless offense. Character.
  18. pk1627

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    Agreed. If you stayed up to watch the entire thing, fear and frustration were left in the dust. What you saw was Eovaldi being a warrior, and players on both sides giving it everything.
  19. pk1627

    NLCS Gamethread: Dodgers vs Brewers

    Wade Miley? Really?
  20. pk1627

    ALCS 2018 - Houston Astros

    Felt like? You saw a different Game 5 than me. Sox pitching was dominant. I was sitting in Section 105 for Game 4 and all the Astro fans around me were pointing all the mistakes their team made. Failing to step on second base led to a run (bases loaded walk). The wild pitches in the first...